Stunning footage from Lapland, Finland has shown an incredible meteor slicing across the night...
On 'Hannity,' the former House speaker discusses the wave of sexual harassment allegations and...
For decades the media have been feigning moral outrage when it comes to allegations...
By Michael Snyder, on November 20th, 2017 Is the stock market bubble about to...
New allegations of sexual misconduct sending shock waves through the liberal media and Democratic...



God sent a message during the Tennessee wildfires, and it should shock you. However, many people far and wide have already been telling the story of what is to come upon the Earth in the coming days.
Pope Francis, the jesuit, now claims that mother mary is the source of our hope, and not Jesus Christ. The absolute blasphemy sustained in this statement should make every catholic repent and turn to the truth...
Oklahoma is under attack once again by a satanist organization, that is seeking to remove an ordinance outlawing the distribution of literature profanely mocking Christianity.
Mysterious giant coffins discovered in Egypt, may prove the existence of the Biblical Nephilim, and further confirm the great Biblical flood.

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The Government

For the first time, an openly transgender lawmaker was elected in Virginia to replace a stringent anti-LGBT lawmaker.
Antifa, the militant leftist organization, is actively calling for the overthrow of a United States President coupled with calls for violence on city streets.
Commonly found among the garrison of Antifa are individuals supporting the old hammer and sickle of communism, their justification for bringing violence to college campuses, parks, and peaceful protests across the nation, fighting fascism.
On more than one occasion a question has been raised, why wasn’t Houston evacuated? Some say Harvey is comparable to Katrina; others say the monstrous hurricane came with flooding on a Biblical scale.

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Science and Tech

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has purchased an enormous amount of desolate land in Arizona to construct a ‘smart city.’
Google is not just building another tech hub inside a city; instead, the tech giant is developing a complete urban community from the ground up.
Levandowski of Google, has set up a religious nonprofit organization called Way of the Future. The organization is devoted to the worship of artificial intelligence as a god.
Fifty Nobel prize winners recently met to discuss and vote on the biggest threats facing humanity, their responses range from Donald Trump to Nuclear War, to Climate Change, and or science itself.

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Rumors of War

Multiple witnesses told CBS affiliate KENS that several people were shot at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.
North Korea releases new propaganda just ahead of planned US and South Korean military drills on the Korean peninsula.
Could a war carried out on the Korean Peninsula extend into a war between...
North Korean military officials stated Thursday that they are considering firing four missiles towards Guam.

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The Economy

China the world’s second-largest oil importer, imports roughly 8m barrels per day, is planning to launch a yuan-denominated oil contract which could spell the end of dollar dominance globally.
Head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde says the organization may move its headquarters from Washington DC to Beijing in a decade if the growth trend in China and other major emerging markets continues.
Inside President Trump’s otherwise “standard Trump stump speech” at CPAC was nestled what might be a most intriguing observation:
A new financial crisis is brewing in the emerging economies and it could hit “with a vengeance”, an influential group of central bankers has warned.

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