Zombie-Like Activity On The Rise Man On Plane Agitated Bites Another Man Then Dies

A man bit another man and then mysteriously died this is not a joke, nor is it satire. This is the real world covered in layers and layers of lies; this is zombie-like activity. Such of which is not some crazy conspiracy either. Take five minutes and look around you, whether at home (least effective), at work, the mall, or any public place, there are zombies all around. Particularly the younger generations, why are they classified as zombies? Simply put, because beyond their cell phones life does not exist.

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Let’s take the media hype and hysteria out of what zombies are and get to the facts, because no other word seems fit for this particular incident besides cannibal.

A man traveling by plane became agitated and bit another man, he was restrained, and then he mysteriously died. Why?


This answer can vary to even darker avenues, so let’s cover them all, please watch the videocast for more information on this particular incidence.

Zombie-Like Activity On The Rise Man On Plane Agitated Bites Another Man Then Dies
Zombie-Like Activity On The Rise Man On Plane Agitated Bites Another Man Then Dies

A man has died on board an Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon to Dublin after reportedly being restrained when he became agitated and bit a man, Irish police said.

Officers were investigating after the flight was diverted to Cork when the captain declared a “medical emergency”. According to an RTE report, the man became unwell and then fell unconscious after being restrained on the Sunday night flight.

It is not known exactly when he died, but police said he was pronounced dead at the scene when the aircraft landed at Cork shortly before 6pm. He was reportedly unaccompanied on the flight.

RTE reported that a second man was taken to hospital and that the estimated 170 passengers and crew on board the plane were being questioned. The passengers were due to be taken to Dublin by bus on Sunday night.
Aer Lingus did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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