EPHESIANS 1-3 K.J.V Deliverance Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
Thou has blessed me Lord, and washed me clean from my sins, thou has shown me thy way of the Lord and Blessed be the Lord My God For He reigns Forever more,
In the Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I thwart all plans that are comprised against us, In Jesus name I ask Lord that you protect us this day, guide us this day, and grant us the ability to awaken others this day,
Almighty God I ask Lord that you come down and do a mighty battle on earth with us this day, In Jesus name Lord I bind all forces of darkness, and I loose all forces of Good that I have the power and authority to do so in Jesus name,
In the name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua, I ask Lord for your forgiveness this day Lord, and I ask Lord that you please teach me the way of righteousness, teach my fingers to war, and continually my heart to repentance
For it is written, Ask and you shall receive Lord I ask that you please bless us continually in these times of oppression and persecution, I ask Lord that everyone who is being persecuted in the Middle East, and anywhere around the world, Lord I ask that you give them rest and security as they continue in these dark and nasty times,
In Jesus name Lord I ask that you show us the way because you are our compass Lord and our hearts are set on You,
Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you Lord,
I ask Lord that you please watch over, bless, and heal:
Lacy & Family,
Matt & Family,
Nat & Family,
Mellissa & family,
And Lord I ask that anyone who chooses to stay anonymous I ask that you bless them as well,
Thank you God almighty for the strength to overcome, thank you God Almighty for the victory that comes from doing Your will,
I also ask Lord that You bless many with prophetic visions, interpretations, and the gifts of the Holy Ghost,
Teach us the way Lord and we shall go, In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,