Psalm 132 & 133

Thank you all for watching! Prayer below:
Heavenly Father,
I ask for your blessings, I ask for your forgiveness, I ask for your courage, and I thank you for the strength to carry on,
I come to you through the blood of our savior Jesus Christ, I thank you for deliverance out of the hands of the adversary,
You are perfect oh Lord almighty, I thank you for letting se see our sins and overcome them through your gracious sacrifice for us,
I thank you for all authority and dominion over all demons, Nephilim, witchcraft of all sorts, mind control, and pestilence,
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command all demons of sickness, coughing, wheezing, tumors, blood poisons, cancers, ulcers, stomach ailments, to come out of us right now
And be bound by your own sickness, and returned to the fiery pit,
In Jesus name, I bind all demons of pestilence, illness, procrastination, laziness, addiction, cancers, blood diseases, blood poisons, to come out of us right now,
And I bind you with the blood of Jesus Christ, and I return you to the fiery pit, In Jesus name be gone sickness you shall never poison our bodies again,
Be gone pestilence you shall never interfere with the will of God for us that we have chosen to follow,
In Jesus name I ask Lord for healing, I ask Lord that you lose the healing virtues of Jesus Christ into us, so that we may be healed,
It is the will of God for our bodies to work in line with Gods word,
We have happiness, joy, healthiness, Love, peace, patience, and we are free of the demonic sicknesses that have been placed on us, sent to us or transferred to us,
In Jesus name I plead the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on us so we too may be clean, cleansed of all ailments,
In Jesus name help us this day Lord, deliver us from the hands of the adversary,
Cleanse our bodies, because we might not be strong enough to know what is infecting/attacking us,
Thank you Lord for the cleansing of our temples, which are the temples that house the Holy Spirit,
In Jesus name, be gone evil and wickedness, be gone witchcraft, curses and spells,
Be gone vile and unclean spirits which seek our destruction, you shall not interfere with the servants of the Lord anymore,
In Jesus name we rid ourselves of sickness, we cleanse our homes of demonic presences, In Jesus name we bind all forces of evil that we have the power and authority to do so,
And In Jesus name we lose every force of good that we have the power and authority to do so in Jesus name,
In Jesus name our bodies are cleansed and made right, they are following the accordance of Gods will for us, so Lord please continue to help us, continue to cleanse us as we
Go about doing your will this day,
Thank you Lord for deliverance, thank you for grace, and thank you for strength,
In Jesus name
Amen and Amen,