It’s time to fight depression, the Christian way. Here are four must-try methods that can bring you relief from the ever depressing world that surrounds.

  1. Remember who you are
  2. Persecution is part of the path.
  3. Spiritual warfare
  4. Spend time in prayer.

Let’s be honest, this world is hopelessly depressing. With everything from the world news to personal drama, it’s hard not to get weighed down by all the chaos. If you are a truth seeker and are able to see past the illusions of this world, it’s easy to get depressed. People may not understand the truth you try to expose them to, you may feel superficial conversation is boring, you may even get ridiculed for your beliefs. To put it simply, seeking the truth is a trying path.

And with depression being a slippery slope, once you have slid down into it’s all consuming pit, it feels impossible to find your way out. If you are in a depressive slump right now, I’m calling out to you to tell you there is a way out. You don’t have to stay where you are, you haven’t been abandoned and your depression doesn’t make you abnormal.

As a Christian, there are ways to get out of depression that don’t require you to take prescription drugs or see a professional. Here are seven Christ-led ways to be delivered from depression:

1Remember who you are

2Persecution and oppression are a part of the path

3 Spiritual warfare

4Spend time in Prayer

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Is there a way to correct a typo?


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I liked the prayer very much, I’m going to start using it for myself and continue to have VICTORY IN CHRIST JESUS over the enemy