“There’s a danger that you can’t control” Gary, Indiana “Demon House” has gone mainstream


The host of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel, Zak Bagans, is releasing a documentary that recounts the story of the Ammon’s, a Gary Indiana family who says their “Demon House” was infested with over 200 demons that caused demonic possession.

Bagans purchased the house soon after the Ammon’s photos and story made national news. During his time filming, he faced extreme demonic oppression and illness. Bagans interviewed numerous police officials, a former Department of Child Services family case manager, a priest and others.

Ammons’ description of strange occurrences involving her and her three children spurred an Indiana Department of Child Services intervention, multi-agency police investigation and a series of exorcisms that a priest claimed were the first authorized by the bishop of the Catholic Church’s Diocese of Gary.

“It’s taken me a while to move past that,” said Valerie Washington, a former DCS family case manager who claimed she saw Ammon’s 9-year-old son walk backward up a wall to the ceiling before flipping over his grandmother, landing on his feet. Washington added, “I believe that it was something going on there that was out of the realm of a normal living person.”

The priest, the Rev. Michael Maginot, said he’s performed exorcisms on 16 more people since 2014. He is the priest at St. Stephen, Martyr Parish, in Merrillville.

Maginot returned to the Carolina Street home as part of Bagans’ documentary. He said he left thoroughly convinced “it was a portal to demons.”

Maginot said he and Bagans argued because Bagans refused to protect himself against demonic activity in the home. He said Bagans also allowed others to enter the home unprotected. One of those individuals later needed an exorcism, Maginot added.

“That’s kind of a sad thing for me,” he said. “I didn’t want people harmed. It’s dangerous. It’s not an amusement park.”

Maginot said he also was upset that Bagans had the home demolished in 2016 — before the priest could have it cleansed. He said there are limits to what the devil can do, but one has to be careful.

“There’s a danger that you can’t control,” he said, “and if the house was still there and locked up, I felt it could be controlled.” (IndyStar)


Bagans seems to have been in over his head after purchasing the property with the intention of profiting off of the documented demonic manifestation. He ended up demolishing the house in hopes that it would put an end to the problem. The truth is, in such a case, deliverance and spiritual warfare was what was needed.

If you or someone you know has experienced something similar, here are some example prayers that can be used in the face of such evil:

Father, I come before you in JESUS’ name, and I thank you for giving me all power and all authority over all demons. I cover myself in the blood of JESUS. I cover all my family members in the blood of JESUS. I thank you for your giant warring angels that are surrounding us, protecting us from all harm of the enemy. I take my authority and I attack from the third Heaven, and I bind the strongman over my mind, will, emotions, and over my home, in JESUS’ name. I command you to leave this area now in JESUS’ name. I bind up every demon that was sent to me, transferred to me, or followed me, and I command you to come out of my conscious, subconscious, unconscious mind, all parts of my body, will, emotions, and personality, in JESUS’ name.

We pray for healing from the works of the demons. We bind all remaining demons until they can be cast out or leave of their own accord. We ask angels to be stationed on our properties to guard us. We loose Godly spirits from the Lord to operate in our lives. We agree to cleanse our beings, possessions and homes of unclean objects. (Demon Buster)


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