A luxury tourist hotel in central Tunisia has been attacked with fatalities and panic being reported at the scene. At least one gunman armed with a Kalashnikov penetrated the beach of the hotel and opened fire.

A five-star hotel, the Imperial Marhaba, has come under attack, according to RIA Novosti citing the Interior Ministry. According to RIA, three people have been killed in gunfire on the beach near the hotel.

Other unconfirmed sources put the deathtoll at 6-13, including the suspected gunner.

The hotel is in the tourist complex of Port El Kantaoui, some 10 km off the city of Sousse in central Tunisia.

Photos showing at least two dead bodies on the beach are circulating the web.

WARNING: Graphic content below


Source: Tourist hotel in Tunisia under ‘terror attack’, gunfire reported (GRAPHIC PHOTO) — RT News

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