Poking the bear and the dragon, the USA is setting itself up for destruction. World War 3 is knocking at the door.

The further the US pushes Russia and China to the brink the quicker the 2 superpowers respond, but that’s the plan isn’t it.

All 3 are working together, hand in hand to bring about the New World Order. Coming soon to a country near you, that is of course after the ‘old order’ is destroyed.

​THE BRINK – Russia will take part in multinational navy drills in disputed South China Sea


Russia will take part in naval military exercises together with its Asia Pacific allies, according to Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

Speaking on Saturday in Singapore, Antonov announced Russia’s planned participation in the May 2016 drills which have a focus on counter-terrorism and naval security.

Antonov also said he was concerned about stability in the region, naming the US as the main destabilizing factor. He said that Washington’s policies have been aimed against Russia and China: “We are concerned by US policies in the region, especially since every day it becomes increasingly focused on a systemic containment of Russia and China.”

“Despite our concerns about the US global missile defense architecture, they continue a policy of disrupting strategic stability, adding a regional segment of an anti-missile ‘shield’ in the Asia-Pacific,” he added.

He also blamed the US for interfering with the affairs of other countries and said Russia is worried by the trend: “An epidemic of ‘color revolutions’ swept the Middle East and, like a hurricane, wiped out several states in the region. This disease went across several European countries, where events are freely controlled from the outside.”

Source: ​Russia will take part in multinational navy drills in disputed South China Sea — RT News