The truth finally begins to make an appearance. The question is who is responsible for firing the missile? The well circulated answer is the West because of the constant fear mongering and constant war agenda the USA and NATO seem hell bent on furthering. The mystery continues about the Malaysian Flight Downed by a missile.

The Russian maker of the Buk air defence missile system says it has concluded that Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was downed by an older version of the missile.


It says the type is not in service with the Russian military but is in Ukrainian arsenals.

Mikhail Malyshevsky, an adviser to the director general of the state-controlled Almaz-Antei consortium, said the analysis was based on photographs of the wreckage available to the public.

Controversy continues over who shot down the plane last summer over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people aboard.

Source: Malaysian flight downed by missile, says expert | Irish Examiner

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