The New Cold War and the Return of a World War part 3

This is the ground breaking beginning of world war 3. Some will claim that it has been going on a long time and they may prove to be right but for now this is the introduction to the end of life as we know it.

World War 3 will be the worst world war of them all because of the weaponry used and the countries that fight in it. Which is why it is a major part of the creation of the New World Order. The oil crisis is taking its toll on the global economy, but an even bigger knife that can be felt is the knife from Russia as they take a stab at ditching the petrodollar.

Another nail in the coffin for European gas line “Russian gas transit to Europe via Ukraine will be stopped. This was announced by the head of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller after a meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Energosoiuz Maroš Šefčovič. The head of the Russian company announced its new strategy, which must be taken because of the new energy policy of the European Union.” –Rg.RU

The main loss can be felt all across Europe “Now the Ukrainian gas transportation system is the main channel for Russian gas supplies to its main customer – the European Union. We are talking about a volume of 63 billion cubic meters per year. Total in 2013 “Gazprom” has sold to Europe 161.5 billion cubic meters of gas. In 2014, according to preliminary estimates, the volume of shipments fell by about 10 percent. The remaining volumes are supplied by pipeline running through Belarus, Turkey and the “Nord Stream” (under the Baltic Sea to Germany).”

This is a direct hit on NATO, as the energy crisis for Europe just took a major turn for the worse. These are the drums of another world war beginning and this energy crisis happens to be at the worst possible time and that is during winter. NATO has made their remarks against Russia and practically killed Ukraine, so is Russia’s response justified?

The US, and NATO have practically destroyed the Ruble, and in response to such action Russia has now decided to withdraw completely from the Petrodollar. This could signal the beginning of major countries pulling out of the dollar, and eventually put the final nail in the coffin for America as well.

This crisis is only just taking another turn for the worse and as the rest of this year continues more and more crises are going to add up, that levy will break and a lot of debt is going to flow through. All of the above signals a change in the air and that is the rise of the New World Order, the order out of chaos.

This is the sparking of currency wars, and energy wars.

According to ZeroHedge:

“The problem was compounded by its own positive feedback loop: as the last few weeks vividly demonstrated, plunging oil would lead to a further liquidation in foreign  reserves for the oil exporters who rushed to preserve their currencies, leading to even greater drops in oil as the viable producers rushed to pump out as much crude out of the ground as possible in a scramble to put the weakest producers out of business, and to crush marginal production. Call it Game Theory gone mad and on steroids.

Ironically, when the price of crude started its self-reinforcing plunge, such a death would happen whether the petrodollar participants wanted it, or, as the case may be, were dragged into the abattoir kicking and screaming.

It is the latter that seems to have taken place with the one country that many though initially would do everything in its power to have an amicable departure from the Petrodollar and yet whose divorce from the USD has quickly become a very messy affair, with lots of screaming and the occasional artillery shell.

As Bloomberg reports Russia “may unseal its $88 billion Reserve Fund and convert some of its foreign-currency holdings into rubles, the latest government effort to prop up an economy veering into its worst slump since 2009.”

These are dollars which Russia would have otherwise recycled into US denominated assets. Instead, Russia will purchase even more Rubles and use the proceeds for FX and economic stabilization purposes.

“Together with the central bank, we are selling a part of our foreign-currency reserves,” Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said in Moscow today. “We’ll get rubles and place them in deposits for banks, giving liquidity to the economy.”

Call it less than amicable divorce, call it what you will: what it is, is Russia violently leaving the ranks of countries that exchange crude for US paper.”

This mess, is only the beginning and as the pages turn in 2015 so will the emotions, and so will the artillery shells flying in Ukraine. War is knocking and Russia/China may just answer.

The hand behind Russia, how is Russia still standing after all of these sanctions? It’s simple, Russia is being funded by none other than China, it is clear that China has plans to dominate the world currency soon with an astonishing takeover as the largest economy in the world just recently. The US is on a major downslope and there is no stopping it. This can be signaled by a major credit rating agency that is in the process of being developed by the duo, Russia and China.

The chickens are coming home to roost, it is just a matter of time.

Haven’t we heard all of this before? The sound of the US and Cuba becoming “friends” is not a good sign, contrary to the belief that Russia got their first and the US embassy soon to be open is just down the street from a Russian Spying complex.

Russia has quietly reached an agreement with Cuba to reopen a Soviet-era spy base on America’s doorstep, amid souring relations between Moscow and Washington. The deal to reopen the signals intelligence facility in Lourdes, south of Havana, was agreed in principle during president Vladimir Putin’s visit to the island as part of a Latin American tour last week, according to the newspaper Kommersant.” –The Guardian

This is not a good sign.

Google Maps

Please excuse the “public eye” image this photo was taken from Business Insider.

Either the US is planning on counter espionage, and protecting their interests or they are working together. The emergence of a new cold war, and the breaking of a world war has to make us all wonder are we going to see the same things take place as in the previous with another Cuban Missile Crisis? Or, are we going to see this actually come to fruition and the rest of the world burn.