Top Russian Banker Warns of War with the USA, and the ‘Nuclear’ event is about to take place!

Andrei Kostin, the chairman of Russian state-controlled VTB Bank, states that the “Ties between the US and Russia will be severed if Russian banks were excluded from the Swift banking system due to tougher sanctions”. This comes as the Ukraine crisis worsens.

The war in Ukraine has gotten a lot worse with 30 dead just yesterday in Mariupol. The US will most likely attempt to sever all ties with Russia and will lead us right into world war 3.

“Ambassadors can leave capitals. It means Russia and America might have no relationship after that,” Kostin said at the World Economic Forum on Friday.

“If there is no banking relationship, it means the countries are on the verge of war, or definitely in the cold war,” he added. “It will be a very dangerous situation.” –PressTV

The proxy war is finishing up and Russia and America are at each other’s throats. The banking relationship between the two countries has gotten far worse than what the mainstream is reporting. In fact, the worst news yet is that Putin has drawn his line in the sand. If the West shuts Russia out of the SWIFT banking payment system, all hell will break loose.

“After back-to-back weeks of historic announcements that rocked the global markets, today a 41-year market veteran sent King World News an incredibly powerful piece that warns Russian President Vladimir Putin has drawn a line in the sand, as the West’s major oil companies are pushing for war.

By 41-Year Market Veteran Bill Haynes

January 26 (King World News) – Almost unreported in the United States is talk of shutting Russia out of the SWIFT banking payment system.  This would be the harshest sanction for Russia’s support of the separatist rebels in Ukraine.  SWIFT is the means by which banks move money around the world….” –king world news

Just recently we witnessed Russia and Iran grow closer together, and later this year Russia is going to be building the Atomic reactors in Iran. The deal agreed by Russia and Iran envisages the construction of two reactors, with scope for a further six.” –BBC

Iran’s economy was demolished by West sanctions which removed them from the SWIFT bank payment system, now the West seeks to do the same to Russia. For months it has been warned that this move by the West would cause a global war, yet the West is still considering it. Not to mention the growing Middle East conflicts, and the whole congress and Netanyahu issue.

With war breathing down the backs of every hardworking American and Russian, life as we know it is close to changing because now, we are officially in the pre-war crisis state. This war will not be declared, simply because Obama does not declare wars, just look at how bad things are in the Middle East with ISIS, they are out of control because Obama has no foreign policy, and apparently the frustration has now gone mainstream.

While Russia, Iran, China and other countries around the world prepare for war Obama is destroying the US military. The amount of US troops are pre-world war 2 levels and many high level Army, Navy, Air Force Officials have either been fired or let go. Under this administration, the USA is doomed.

Obama has no clue how to lead this country in peace times, so how can he lead us in war times? Not only is the Oil Crisis a major economic ordeal for the entire world, but Obama is cutting his India trip early to head to Saudi Arabia and meet with the new leader. The US president, bows to Muslim leaders, all while the USA is being further destroyed, and people wonder where this country is headed.

“U.S. And NATO Break Historic Agreement

Supporting this position is the fact that when the Soviet Union dissolved in late 1991, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev had a verbal agreement with the United States and NATO that there would be no encroachment.  The U.S. reneged on that promise by building military bases in several former Soviet states, some of which have become members of the European Union and NATO.

Then there is Sevastopol, where the Russian navy ports its Black Sea Fleet.  Sevastopol is as important to the Russian navy as the Norfolk and the San Diego naval bases are to the U.S. Navy.

A year ago, Russia engineered the uniting of the city of Sevastopol and Crimea, and immediately annexed them, in a historic referendum.  Russia claims Crimea and Sevastopol as parts of the Russian Federation, while Ukraine, the United States and most of the international community consider Crimea still a part of Ukraine.” –King World News