Korean Brink Of War Live Updates Continued

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The latest tensions have risen the stakes in the global markets all while crashing economies around the globe. China lost 8% in 2 hours upon opening and Saudi Arabia also crashed. Only time tells as to what is to come in the next few days. Korean Brink Of War Live Updates Continued…

Korean Brink Of War Live Updates Continued
Korean Brink Of War Live Updates Continued

North and South Korea are at it yet again. This time it is closer than ever to the brink of war. Below is a live blog of the latest events. This page will be continually updated.

This conflict bears a lot more weight than just tensions between North and South Korea, this conflict bears the weight of the next world war. Simply put it will not just be North and South Korea, this is the place where the US, Russia, and China all face off. Which obviously can escalate rather quickly if tensions are not calmed and tanks put away.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has placed the country’s troops on high alert, threatening “indiscriminate strikes” if South Korea doesn’t stop its propaganda broadcasts over the border by Saturday evening.

During an emergency meeting of the North Korean central military commission, Kin Jong-un reportedly ordered the North’s army to be “fully operational and ready for any military action at any time” from 5pm Friday local time, also putting the area along the border with the South “in a semi-state of war,” North Korean state media reported.


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