Antifa Clashes With Patriot Prayer Group in Portland, Oregon – Several Arrested as Violence Erupted

Antifa activists stormed a Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Oregon causing violence, which led to multiple arrests on both sides. The clash comes almost exactly a year after a similar confrontation between the two groups.

The Patriot Prayer Rally was scheduled for five p.m. and was intended to be a going away event for a close friend, Tusitala John Toese, of the group’s leader Joey Gibson. Meanwhile, The Rose City Antifa scheduled a counter-protest at four p.m. with the intent; “to show Patriot Prayer, just as we showed them last year that violence and hatred has no place in Portland.”

Previously, in 2017, the Department of Homeland Security alongside the FBI labeled the left-wing group, Antifa, as a ‘domestic terrorist’ organization while warning on the possibility of more attacks.

Videos posted on the Social Media platform YouTube detail the event and showcase the provocateurs as well as the arrests. KOIN6 was on the ground getting coverage of what took place, Lisa Balick of KOIN6 was on scene detailing the clashes as it unfolded.

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Portland Police issued a statement regarding the matter saying that; while the city respects the right to assemble, anyone with weapons, or anyone involved in violent activities, was subject to arrest.

The protest and subsequent clashes resulted in roughly four arrests, while video footage depicted protestors throwing bottles and fireworks at police officers. Some protesters could be heard yelling at the police with profanity.

In addition, some in the crowds were seen with knives, pepper spray, and other items that could be used as weapons. The Portland Police Department tweeted; “Officers continue to observe and attempt to intercede in violent assaultive behavior in Downtown Portland.”

Later on, the Police followed up and advised onlookers and residents to avoid the area; “If you are in the immediate area of competing protest events in Downtown Portland, you are at risk of getting caught in between violent clashes and any law enforcement actions or arrests. You are advised to leave the area.”

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Meanwhile, Antifa protestors were seen to be burning the American flag, while wearing black and covering their faces. Brenna Kelly of Fox12 Oregon stated that; “There’s about 30 Patriot Prayer folks and a much larger Antifa presence. They’re burning American flags now.”

The following is live video of the event and may contain both profanity and sensitive content, viewer warning.

The Police confiscated fireworks which were used as weapons by provocateurs during the protest. After the event, the Portland Police tweeted what was confiscated during the confrontation.

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This year’s protest and clash comes almost exactly a year after a previous protest and counter-protest by the same two groups which saw, in 2017, fourteen arrested with some injured. In 2018, only four were arrested, and while violence did break out, there have been no reports of serious injuries.