After a recent terrorist attack in Manchester, Britain is preparing for the worst by deploying thousands of troops to patrol the streets, canceling events and even closing the parliament buildings.

The ‘lockdown measures’ were taken after local police in Manchester revealed that the terrorist, Salman Abedi, a 22-year-old Mancunian of Libyan descent, who conducted the attack on an Ariana Grande concert was apart of a ‘terror network.’

With soldiers patrolling the streets and carrying rifles only fired in war-zones, it must make one wonder if Martial Law has been declared.

Rows of soldiers marched into the Houses of Parliament on may 24th, 2017 in the largest-scale deployment at the world-famous site since the Second World War.

The streets of Britain according to pictures captured by the DailyMail look similar to that of the militarized police force that was deployed after the Boston Bombings in the USA.

The moves were taken as:

  • Police revealed the bomb-maker who provided Salman Abedi with the explosive device used to cause carnage at Manchester Arena may still at large.
  • Abedi’s younger brother Hashem, known as Rada, was arrested in Tripoli on suspicion of links to ISIS.
  • Three men were arrested in south Manchester in connection with the concert bomb attack on Monday night.
  • Heavily armed police raided a flat in central Manchester less than two miles from the scene of the atrocity.
  • More details emerged of those killed, including a Polish couple and an aunt who shielded her niece in the blast.
  • Home Secretary Amber Rudd vented her frustration over US leaks revealing details about the attack.
  • Countries around the world supported Britain by lighting up major buildings in the colours of the Union Jack.
  • French president Emmanuel Macron revealed plans to extend the country’s state of emergency until November.


The deployment of troops comes after Theresa May raised the threat level to ‘critical’ and warned that a further terror attack might be ‘imminent’ following Manchester bombing.

Such a declaration, deployment and response to the terrorist attack might make people wonder if Britain just declared martial law, what say you reader?