Tension is mounting between NATO and Russia as both Russia conducts military drills, and inks a new deal with Greece and Turkey for a Pipeline. The economic strife that Russia felt is now over and with that, Greece is looking to capitalize on the new-found economic relief of Russia. The Western Sanctions did nothing to Putin but made Russia stronger. Such economic recovery is leaving the West Fuming.


The West is being abandoned by Europe as they head for the AIIB China led infrastructure bank. This only leaves the West with two options, start a war or give up. The Western Superpower that is the United States is dying and at a faster rate than any other empire in history. The US has taken strides in the wrong direction, and flipped allies into enemies, all while spying on neighbors and launching “democracy” into used-to-be stable countries. As the USA gasps for air, the rest of the world is preparing her grave.

Greece, currently attempting to leave the Union, looks toward Russia:

“The Turkish Stream gas pipeline could help Greece become one of the main energy distribution centers in Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday during his meeting with the Greek delegation. Athens could earn hundreds of millions of euro through gas transit annually if it joins the Turkish Stream pipeline project, he added.” –MORE

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with Greek Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stands nearby, during a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, April 8, 2015. (Reuters/Alexander Zemlianichenko)


According to Putin, Greece has not asked Russia for a bailout, but it sure looks as though Russia is gaining allies inside of Europe.

Russia, the dissident, all that appears to be happening on the surface is Russia standing strong to the US, West, when in reality, recent documents prove that Russia is actually working with NATO and the US, to shuffle troops around the country and the world.


The coming world war, the signs and tremors are being felt and heard throughout the entire world. Canada plans to send troops to Ukraine, in a non-combat role. As the truth begins to emerge; that Russian troops, US troops, and NATO troops are inside of Ukraine; the lies and deceit are beginning to fall off and the war is coming closer and closer. Russia is conducting a large military drill and Canada is sending “trainers” to Ukraine. The reason being, NATO announced their stance that if Russia attacks or harms a NATO ally, there will be all out war. All it takes is the next shot heard around the world and the entire world will be engulfed into World War 3. The brink has been met, the players are set, the lights are on, and Canada may just have rolled out the actors to begin the war.

The Brink Russia Conducts Large Military Drill Inks Pipeline Deal With Greece And Canada Sends Trainers To Ukraine.

The Russian military mobilized more than 30 fighter jets, including its Sukhoi Su-35, as part of flight training conducted over its far eastern Primorsky Territory, state-controlled media said Thursday. Russia has conducted countless military drills in recent months amid rising tension with Western nations and the NATO military alliance.

The Su-35 “supermaneuverable multirole fighter” was the most advanced of three variations of Russian fighters that participated in the exercises, the Defense Ministry said. The Russian military used Su-25 fighters to stand in for enemy forces in simulated aerial combat. The training involves about 500 personnel and is to run through Saturday. –MORE

An Su-35 Super Flanker
A Russian Su-35


Canadian government has decided to send troops to Ukraine in a non-combat role, CTV News reported, citing official sources. The troops could arrive in the country in the coming weeks or months, but the details of the mission are still being worked out.

The Canadian soldiers are likely to be sent for a training mission and could cooperate with American soldiers, the report said.

“While the government is still working out the details, sources told CTV News a training mission is one of the options on the table. Canada is likely to work closely with American allies who are already in the region,” CTV News reporter Mercedes Stephenson said.

The Conservative government has been leaning towards a more significant Canadian involvement in the Ukrainian crisis for the past few months.

In February, Canada updated the list of its sanctions against Russia with travel bans slapped on 37 Russian and Ukrainian individuals. It also applied economic sanctions against 17 Russian and Ukrainian companies, which included Russian oil giant Rosneft.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich labelled the new sanctions as an anti-Russian step that looks like “an awkward attempt to hinder the implementation of the conflict settlement agreements, reached in Minsk on February 12 with Russia’s active constructive role.”

In December, Canada signed an agreement to send its military police to Ukraine to “look into the possibilities of cooperation,” while it also looked to help the government in Kiev with security issues.

Meanwhile, Canada’s Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) barred a Ukrainian-born pianist from playing in a scheduled program for expressing views on the situation in Ukraine via Twitter.

The orchestra dropped pianist Valentina Lisitsa who was due to play a concerto by Rachmaninoff. The hashtag #LetValentinaPlay surged in popularity on social media, and thousands of supporters spoke out for the artist, who was offered to be paid not to play.

via Canada to send troops to Ukraine ‘in non-combat role’ – report — RT News.

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