The United States houses nuclear weapons at an Air Base in Incirlik, Turkey near Syria. According to a Washington think tank, those nukes are at risk of being captured by “terrorists or other hostile forces.”


How Many: The USA houses 50 nuclear weapons at Incirlik in southern Turkey, just 70 miles (110 kilometers) from the border with war-torn Syria.

The Why: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the base in the wake of the Second World War; when Turkey joined NATO, in 1952, it became a crucial American base during the Cold War.

The crisis: Recently in Turkey, an attempted coup failed against Erdogan, which placed the US troops and weapons at risk. The issue in which the base’s Turkish commander was arrested on suspicion of complicity in the plot.

“Whether the US could have maintained control of the weapons in the event of a protracted civil conflict in Turkey is an unanswerable question,” said Monday’s report from the Stimson Center, a nonpartisan think tank working to promote peace.

The Report

Supposedly, Incirlik is a vital base for the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, with the strategically located facility affording drones and warplanes fast access to IS targets. However, given the lack of leadership in Washington, and the continual funding to the terrorist organizations, the US has failed to destroy said enemy ISIS.

According to Julian Assange, Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for the terror group ISIS in the Middle East. Specifically, Hillary Clinton took cash from, was a director of, a company that did deals with ISIS. That’s not all; Russian President Putin often claims that the Western military alliance funds ISIS. You can find the Assange documents here.

Assange Tweet

They are sponsored, and they are sponsored by the United States and its allies. It is documented that prior to 2011, there was a process of recruitment of mujahideen to fight in Syria, and this was coordinated by NATO and the Turkish high command. This report is confirmed by Israeli news sources and unequivocally, we are dealing with a state-sponsorship of terrorism, the recruitment of mercenaries, the training and the financing of terrorism. (Stated by: Dr Chossudovsky)

The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States. (Global Research)

The real question then becomes why does the US house nuclear weapons at Incirlik? Could it be the US is gearing up for a war with Russia? There is speculation that the US was behind the attempted coup in Turkey for one simple reason, Russia and Turkey just “re-became” friends.

According to Russian media; the US is preparing chaos in Macedonia, Serbia, and Greece to prevent the Turkish Stream. The Turkish Stream is a project that can now get back on track after the recent pact between Russia and Turkey.

Serbian Informer

The latest tidbit of information regarding the destabilization of the region is now, once again coming from Ukraine:

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is reportedly reinforcing military units on the frontiers bordering Crimea and the Donbass now. This development comes on the heels of Kremlin reports Russia’s security service having foiled a terrorist attack in Crimea plotted by Kiev. The paper thin ceasefire agreement reached in Minsk, seems all but useless given these recent events. Russian President Vladimir Putin sits weighing options, as new western provocations develop.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) reported early in the week, it found a group of infiltrators in Crimea, near the Ukrainian border, preparing attacks on Crimea infrastructure. FSB chiefs said two people were killed fending off these attacks, and now Mr. Putin has reportedly pulled out of the Minsk talks. President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Ukraine has turned to “the practice of terrorism” and “is playing a dangerous game”. Putin called Kiev’s actions “stupid and criminal,” then later met with members of his security council. The logic of a Kiev incursion is baffling for some, but given NATO reeling over the recent developments in the Turkey-Russia relationship, some counter move was probably expected by the Kremlin. Whatever the run up was, now our sources’ claims UKROP offensive is coming by September seem all the more real. (NEO)

So what is the real reason the US won’t remove the nukes from the Incirlik base? It would appear as though they are intended to serve their original purpose, during a war with Russia. Given the destabilization by both sides of the equation, it is rather evident that the US AND Russia are responsible for the destabilization of the Middle East.

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