A situation with North Korea could end the lives of millions in North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Guam, and many other nations; thus effectively making this crisis one that the world has not seen since approximately World War Two.

North Korea has threatened the United States countless times with nuclear weapons, most of the time it is sheer rhetoric and propaganda, however as of August 8th, 2017, the US is now admitting that N. Korea has nuclear weapons. The hermit state crossed a key US threshold by producing a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside missiles, and so what was once just rhetoric can no longer be simply brushed off.

Over the last several days to weeks the tensions have drastically increased in relation to North Korea.

  • -July 28: North Korea launches its second intercontinental ballistic missile this month.
  • -July 29: Kim said the latest missile test shows that his country can hit the U.S. mainland.
  • -July 30: The U.S. flew two B-1 bombers over South Korea in a show of force after North Korea’s missile test.
  • -Aug. 1: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States does not seek a regime change in North Korea
  • -Aug. 2: The U.S. Air Force successfully test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from the California coast.
  • -Aug. 5: The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved tough new U.S.-drafted sanctions against North Korea
  • -Aug. 6: China’s foreign minister urged North Korea to halt its missile and nuclear testing
  • -Aug. 7: North Korea responded to the sanctions by saying it would launch “thousands-fold” revenge against the United States.
  • -Aug. 8: Trump lashed out at North Korea. saying the rogue regime risks “fire and fury like the world has never seen” after The Washington Post reported that the communist nation has produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles.
  • -Aug. 9: North Korea threatened a missile strike on the U.S. territory of Guam in the South Pacific

—Courtesy of USA Today

Several times over, the rhetoric from North Korea has surmounted like such and cooler heads prevailed, however is this time different?

The United States remained reluctant to affirm that North Korea has the capability to strike any part of the United States with a nuclear weapon, that is, until August 8th, 2017, when defense intelligence agencies completed a thorough analysis of the communist nation and the ensuing situation. According to another study conducted by the US, North Korea also may have up to 60 nuclear weapons at the disposal of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.



In response to increased tensions the United States has conducted several tests for both defense and offense; recently the United States flew two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula, and the US tested its own missile interception systems, previously the United States also installed THAAD in South Korea.

The threat of North Korea is escalating, but how much is just rhetoric?

Donald Trump stated just yesterday that North Korea will be met with ‘fire and fury’ like the world has never seen. Meanwhile in response North Korea is considering a ‘preemptive’ strike on Guam. The exchange itself appears as though the United States and North Korea are seconds away from war, however, according to Rex Tillerson Americans should sleep well at night because nothing, absolutely nothing has changed within the last twenty-four hours that would indicate war is nigh.

The Secretary of State also stated that in his opinion, President Trump was responding to the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a language that he may understand because Un is failing to understand diplomacy.

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In accordance with Tillerson’s words unless North Korea takes action it would appear as though nothing has changed besides an exchange of ‘fiery’ words from both Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un. In understanding the situation, the crisis unfolding is in fact worsening, because of the ‘key US threshold’ that North Korea recently crossed. However as to where exactly that places the two nations on the road to war path remains unclear. Only time will tell how the situation unfolds. What say you reader?

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