Drag Queens Host “Drag Me To Brunch”- And Parents Do Just That



“West Virginia’s most talked about brunch! There is always a little something for ALL ages. Alcohol is served and there is adult humor!!”

says the “Drag Me To Brunch” Facebook page.

@Drag Me To Brunch Facebook

The Black Sheep Burrito & Brews in Huntington, WV seems to be the host of one of the most wicked and perverse venues that can be offered outside of an adult entertainment night club. Their alcohol menu is nearly as many pages long as their food menu.

“Drag Me To Brunch” is an event where risque-attired Drag Queens (who normally preform in bar, strip clubs and night clubs) move their performances to an eatery to entertain families.

Drag Queen with freshly collected dollar bills in one hand, reaching out to caress a child’s face with his other hand.

According to their Facebook page, since December the the bar & grill has hosted at least 6 events during prime service time that are “for all ages”. While children are typically not invited to a pub, the deviant Drag Queens who were preforming at these events felt the need to invite small children. Small children who’s minds are easily corrupted. Small children who are easily taken advantage of. Small children who should NOT be in an environment with half naked men dancing in women’s underwear.

A young boy, holding a dollar bill in the air, waiting for the Drag Queen to come around and collect his performance tips

“Drag Me To Brunch” has caught the attention of locals in Huntington. This video surfaced on a pubic Facebook page of a child who’s face was being fondled by a Drag Queen after parents actually dragged their children to the brunch!

When local Christian and Abolitionist Donna McComas stumbled upon this sinful event she called out and challenged the silent church to come to action and rise up against this perversion that is being allowed to fill her community.

            “Just like Goliath did, the demons are calling the church out…….we can choose to continue to hide in our little church buildings, stay in our comfortable padded little pews, or, like David, we can be spiritual men and women of valor, full of the Holy Spirit and power……..But there is no longer any neutral zone; either we dress up in our spiritual armor, prayed and fasted up, and do battle spiritually using all of the weapons that Jesus himself used in the gospels, or mark my words, they will come into every church building……..Get baptized in the Holy Spirit, get strong in your prayer language, and get into the word of God like never before!!!!!!”

The Drag Queen abomination is gaining steam in WV! There are regular events here now at Black Sheep Burrito & Brews, Starbucks and Empire Books, now The Inner Geek… and that’s just what I have found local. Completely unchecked by the Church. No one is standing against and rebuking these degenerate child abuse events. This gender-bending ideology is stealing our children’s innocence. It’s not enough for these sinners to murder children every week at 510 W. Washington St. They are going after born children too. This is grooming of children for pedophiles. The video below shows a young boy in drag, a DRAGON costume… he’s being enticed to participate with a grown man in drag as the entire restaurant (Black Sheep Burrito & Brews) cheer the two on! Where is the Church???”

When Donna and her husband Chris are not out pleading for the lives of innocent babies who are being slaughtered at the abortion clinic, they are out on the streets preaching about repentance and the kindness of Christ. Chris is comparable to a modern day John the Baptist, crying out into the wilderness for anyone with ears to hear. The eternal souls of their neighbors matter to them. The innocence of these poor children being corrupted in their own community matters to them.

Donna hit the nail on the head when she said “we can be spiritual men and women of valor, full of the Holy Spirit and power. Is Huntington ready to be set apart from the world, be who God has called them to be and stop this perversion?




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