The physical foundation for which the world was built has been the patriarchal family. However, like never before, that very structure, the backbone of a prosperous society is under assault.

From every angle, key influencers from all walks of life, mainly through the LGBT+ community, are attempting to wage a war of sorts on the family. The latest inflammatory remarks come from an Israeli Lawmaker by the name of Merav Michaeli, who is by no means afraid of controversy. She would like to see ‘The State’ permanently decide who is the parent of a child. As per the online version of the Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, Merav would like to see marriage ‘broken apart’ from parenthood and childbirth, so that we can supposedly discover that the best solution is to replace straight marriage with gay marriage.


According to Michaeli; “The core family as we know it, unfortunately, is the least safe place for children.” Her plan is to have the state intervene and formally replace birth parents with state-appointed parents. Karl Marx would be so proud. The full debate can be seen below with her remarks towards the family institution beginning around 15:00 minutes.

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Michaeli claims that ‘the default option’ for marriage results in inherent inequality, and the only way to combat it is by replacing marriage between a man and a woman with same-sex marriage.


Is this where equality leads?

Unfortunately, this is not the first time such an atrocious idea has been mentioned, stretching back all the way to 1971, an official Homosexual Manifesto was published in London, and it outlined the entirety of where Michaeli’s, and others, plan to take the world…straight to a genderless dystopia.

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Furthermore, as Haaretz journalist Carolina Landsmann points out; “Subsequently, in the name of progress, perhaps the primitive practice which served our forefathers will also come to an end. Babies will be born under ideal laboratory conditions, and only under state approval. The “biological advantage” of heterosexuals, namely their ability to reproduce, will be considered a violation of the equality principle of homosexuals. After all, how will the state be able to determine whether men or women meet the required standards for becoming parents as long as they are free to become pregnant without a license?”

In the name of equality, the agenda is clear, destroy the patriarchal family and rip to shreds all things naturally created by God.

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