Chelsea Clinton Claims 60 Million Abortions Added $3.5 Trillion To US Economy – Franklin Graham Compares Her To Hitler

The daughter of a former US President and the 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Chelsea Clinton, seems to think that abortions added trillions of dollars to the US economy.

It is not a disconnected fact … that American women entering the labor force from 1973 to 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy. … The net, new entrance of women — that is not disconnected from the fact that Roe became the law of the land in January of 1973.

So, I think, whatever it is that people say they care about, I think that you can connect to this issue. Of course, I would hope that they would care about our equal rights and dignity to make our own choices — but, if that is not sufficiently persuasive, hopefully, come some of these other arguments that you’ve expressed so beautifully, will be.

Several Christian Leaders and Politicians responded to her claims in disbelief, Franklin Graham a Christian Evangelist compared her claims to the likes of Hitler and the Nazi’s;

“Hitler probably also claimed that killing the Jews would be good for their economy. Legalizing abortion hasn’t added anything to our country, it has only taken away. It has cost this nation more than 60 million lives — lives precious to God.”

“Just think of the contribution these people would have made. There will be another high cost. I believe God will judge America for allowing the heinous murder of our own children in the womb,” he added before assuring women who’ve had abortions that God will forgive them and help to alleviate their guilt. “Not only will He forgive you, He will save you for eternity — and you will be reunited one day in Heaven with that child,” Graham added.

Furthermore, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report in 2008, Clinton’s economic estimate is off;

Since 1976, the percentage of working women who were self-employed has trended up (from 4.4 percent in 1976 to 5.2 percent in 2008), while the percentage of men who were self-employed has edged down (from 8.4 percent to 7.6 percent). In 2008, 38 percent of all self-employed persons were women, compared with 27 percent in 1976.

In response to the critics Chelsea Clinton further claimed that supporting abortion is actually pro-life. On Tuesday, the former President’s daughter stated on Twitter that being “Pro-choice is pro-life.”

She continued that abortion is actually not entirely about unborn children, instead, she also claims that abortion is about the economic rights of women. “To repeat: reproductive rights have always been economic rights. A recent study found denying women-often already mothers-a wanted abortion results in years of less employment & more family poverty.”