The United States military-industrial complex is at it again. A massive military drill is currently being held at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. The reason? A migrant crisis. The military has often conducted exercises that coincide with actual live events, almost as if they knew something was about to take place, or as if it was planned, and carried out for a desired outcome.

A migrant crisis is brewing just South of the US border, just recently in Mexico gas prices soared, and riots ensued. In Venezuela there is only $10 Billion dollars left of reserves before the government defaults, and in several other countries such as Haiti, humanitarian crises happen far too often. There are far too many potential outcomes that could lead to a migration crisis south of the border.

For this particular drill, the US Southern Command is said to have spent $2.5 million on the training and dispatched roughly 400 troops for its portion of the month-long exercise. While other segments of the military are contributing similar for their segments, it is important to note that every drill, of this scale, should be watched carefully.

The Pentagon has made a statement that turmoil in the near future will be unavoidable, why? Megacities.

While migrant crises are a concern right now for the US border, the scenario is far to similar to that of a crisis within a megacity. But don’t take my word for it, in October of 2016 the Pentagon released a video detailing what could happen in the event of a crisis within a megacity.


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The US military industrial complex is exuberantly underprepared for megacities, yet the current political agenda is to construct them, which means over the next several months to years, several large-scale exercises could potentially take place to further aid the military in dealing with a megacity problem. Or, because megacity infrastructure isn’t exactly here yet, the Army could help build them.

Over the past several years, FEMA has planned and prepared for the day of Martial Law – to the extent of camps and coffins. But if FEMA could aid in the architecture of new infrastructure, the military industrial complex could gain much more control over a crisis when one takes place.

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The elites have long planned for the megacity world, which is why there is an enormous effort by the United Nations to urge countries around the world to construct them. One such planner is Parag Khanna, whom also was an advisor to Barack Obama, and his plans for megacities should be duly noted because of their startling similarity to that of the FEMA regions map. Parag has gone so far as to claim America should redefine state borders into regions, and those regions line directly up with the FEMA regions map.

Previously the United States Military industrial complex has often planned for events well in advance and forcibly caused many to take place in the form of a false flag to further an agenda. Over the course of the next several months to years, the military will be preparing for megacities. The question is, will a humanitarian crisis be manufactured so the US can further escalate training for them?

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