Insanity Takes Hold: TEDx Speaker, Medical Student Claims Pedophilia is Natural

A Medical student in May 2018 gave a TEDX speech claiming that pedophilia is natural and likened it to heterosexuality.

Mirjam Heine, a medical student, was the speaker at the University of Würtzberg for TEDx, in which she claimed that pedophilia, in her view, is a natural sexual orientation not unlike heterosexuality.

“Anyone could be born a pedophile” she stated as the audience listened intensely. She then described the erotic attraction to underage children as an “unchangeable sexual orientation just like, for example, heterosexuality.”

While she did state that pedophilia is natural she also said it should not be conflated with child sexual abuse. The statement is conflicting because the law in many countries describes child sexual abuse as an adult making any sexual contact with a minor, which is, of course, legally classified as statutory rape.

Regardless of the outrageous point she is attempting to make in her speech, she did say that living out pedophilia “will end in a disaster.”

However, she later said that the reasoning for such is because of how society is unwilling to accept their deviant inclinations. Heine lamented pedophiles are unable to “be completely frank with someone else” about their attractions:

“We shouldn’t increase the sufferings of pedophiles by excluding them, by blaming and mocking them. By doing that, we increase their isolation and we increase the chance of child sexual abuse.

Just like pedophiles, we are not responsible for our feelings. We do not choose them … but it is our responsibility to … overcome our negative feelings about pedophiles and to treat them with the same respect we treat other people with.”

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Heine neglects the reality that feelings and emotion do not depict morality because if such was the case insanity would rule the day.

It should also be noted TEDx decided to remove Heine’s talk from its official YouTube account, noting her comments could result in “serious misinterpretation.” Heine also wanted the video to be taken down “because she had serious concerns about her own safety in its wake.”