ALERT: FDA Green-lit Releasing Genetically Modified Mosquitoes By Oxitech Into Florida For Zika Virus

The FDA has now approved the release of Oxitech’s Genetically Modified Mosquitoes throughout Florida to fight the Zika virus. On Friday, the FDA issued a final environmental assessment of the trial, finding that it “will not have significant impacts on the environment.”

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Oxitech, the same company, spreading mutant-man-made mosquitoes throughout South America to “combat” the Zika virus will now also release GMM’s (genetically modified mosquitoes) throughout the Florida Keys.

Their punch line for releasing the “mutant” mosquitoes is that “The lab insects are bred so that over time they could kill off much of the local mosquito population by passing on a gene fatal to any offspring they have with wild females.” However, what they don’t say is that the mosquitoes require Tetracycline and other antibiotics to stay alive, without it, they die. Now, these drugs are showing up in the environment, which means that these mosquitoes have the potential to live longer than expected and can mutate into something that could be harmful to humans. As previously covered in February by Freedom Fighter Times on the “Zika crisis.”


The good news is that there is still one more hurdle for Oxitech, the hurdle of winning the approval of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District, which plans to vote on the proposal after issuing a survey testing local sentiment of Keys residents this fall.

Meet Oxitech

So who is this Oxitech? Meet the new biotech face of Monsanto: Oxitech, which is also funded primarily by Bill and Melinda Gates.

Dengue is a growing global problem. Spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, it infects between 50 and 100 million people annually and reported cases have increased 30-fold in the last 50 years. Conventional methods of mosquito population control, such as pesticide spraying and fogging, have failed to stop the spread. In agriculture, pests such as olive fly, pink bollworm and medfly cause widespread damage to crops and significant financial loss. Oxitec has used advanced genetics to develop a new solution to controlling populations of the dengue mosquito and other harmful insects in a way that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Their claim

Oxitec’s mosquitoes are engineered to include two copies of the baby-mosquito killing genes, overriding natural selection to make it almost certain that their offspring receive the killer gene from dad. Oxitec claims that trials in Brazil, Panama and the Cayman Islands have reduced mosquito populations by 90%, calling the success “an unprecedented level” of human control over nature. (The World Health Organization, which has also studied using such tactics against disease, has stated that while the technology “has demonstrated the ability to reduce the [mosquito] populations in small-scale field trials” there is still “an absence of data on epidemiological impact.” –More

While Oxitech has claimed unprecedented success the threat of Microcephaly and Zika have not dwindled in the slightest, but rather increased. In fact, the “threat” has mysteriously spread to other regions of the world, such as the Florida Keys. The following is a map that estimated in April where Zika would spread too, and guess what it’s still spreading.

ZIKA estimation made in April 2016

Is the cause of microcephaly really because of the Zika virus? As Freedom Fighter Times previously proved – most likely not.

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