Coming soon to Amerika: Implanted tracking devices forced vaccinations and euthanizing the sick, weak and feeble-minded

Again, the point of no return, has it breached yet? Or will America undergo the horrific times ahead? The answer can be again summed up as such, what is down the road as we enter into Spring 2015.There is nothing good promised for us in the near future or in the distant future only “Implanted tracking devices, forced vaccinations and euthanizing the sick, weak and feeble-minded” if the populace continues to drag their feet in life, this is the guaranteed answer, the culling of the herd!

The truth is it is not about euthanizing the sick, weak and feeble-minded. It is about stopping the strong souls of the earth from putting an end to their agenda. The powers that be will claim that the “right wing extremists” are sick and weak minded! They will claim that the US must serve it’s government, that is how a strong nation is built! When in reality they have already claimed these things, and the next phase is this tyrannical ideology coming to life, and the elites agenda enters into action.

The weak minded are allowing this to happen, they seek faith in government not God. The weak minded, forget their roots, and sacrifice their families instead of standing for their faith, and beliefs. Pacifism will kill this country and it already is…

Their agenda is already in play and will stop at nothing unless it is forcibly stopped. Get ready America the end is upon us. Prophecy is being fulfilled right before our very eyes, the mark of the beast is coming to life. The testing phase of these tracking devices, which will be disguised at first as “next-level” watches, or cell phones, are already in place today. The next phase is making the world as a whole accept them as a necessity to live.

The false flag cyber attacks are a good proving point to show that the next phase of security is bio-metrics. The opposition controls with fear, while we the people live in our fear and are in need of taking care of, the big-daddy government swoops in and plays a hero. Well, here it comes, the false flag that sweeps this country off its feet and forces every person into a further level of slavery.

Reality is that there are multiple ways to make mandatory these RFID tracking chips. One of the ways could be for security, the other could be for disease prevention. A massive outbreak would ensue panic among the people, and the world would be instantly gripped with fear… But have faith in the government, the source of the problem, will have an answer and it will involve an rfid chip and a vaccine. This process will involve the loss of your soul. Biblically speaking, these are the end times. Never forget that coming soon to Amerika: Implanted tracking devices, forced vaccinations and euthanizing the sick.


(NaturalNews) Oh, the power of the pen, the sword and the needle. Politicians invest their own family fortunes into campaigns with one major goal in mind — double, triple or quadruple their investment. Most politicians are so steeped in their power trips that they simply lie to everyone, including themselves, all day. On top of that, their decisions that are so heavily based on money are coerced into place by lobbyists from very powerful corporations, just as it was in the days of Adolf Hitler. His “Monsanto” was called IG Farben. That was the pharmaceutical conglomeration that ran the vaccine and death camp gas industry, and that was the HUGE corporation that the USA conveniently DID NOT bomb. Why?

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