Monsanto and Bayer, the two corporations which have the capacity to destroy mankind through the use of corrupted food are planning to merge into one giant death machine for the agenda 2030. Monsanto is well known for GMO’s and Agent Orange; Bayer, known for its chemical weapons interests during both World Wars, as well as HIV-contaminated blood products to hemophiliacs. Both of these companies are on a death date and about to merge in hell.

Both organizations are responsible for countless deaths throughout the years, but both of these companies have a stake in our food supply? Agent Orange, killed roughly 400,000 people, and Bayer has been around since 1863 and played significant roles in both World Wars; Bayer created chemical weapons for the Germans.

The acquisition of Monsanto “would be a compelling opportunity to create a global agriculture leader, while reinforcing Bayer as a life science company with a deepened position in a long-term growth industry,” Bayer said in a statement.

A worldwide agricultural leader, from hell. In other words, a vastly insane global corporation which would have the power to corrupt all food supplies on Earth. What is going on here?

Given the fact that the world is on pace for the 2030 agenda, the New World Order, this would be a part of that. Because The United Nations plan happens to have a section for agriculture. Under such section, the plan is to end hunger, but here’s the catch. The UN plans to end hunger by giving the whole world a corrupted food supply. Monsanto’s Glyphosate is so safe that not even lobbyist’s for their organization will drink it, claiming “he’s not an idiot.”

However, we the people are supposed to consume these chemicals which cause horrific diseases and tumors, and in most cases it causes death. The real truth is that this potential merger, would bring about a global corporation which could control the food supply of both America and Europe; hell bent on gaining the rest of the world’s food supply as well.

The good news is in Germany the merger sparked hundred of protests with thousands of protestors in various European cities to show their disgust toward the US biotech behemoth. Monsanto positions over the past few months have been weakening, which means that this merger would be the spark to relight their hellish flame.

Meanwhile back in October 2015, Germany banned GMO’s crops. With this merger, that ban will most likely be lifted, and another country will fall victim to the horrors of glyphosate, and genetically modified foods.

In closing, it is important to note that Monsanto is not the only company responsible for GMO’s; other corporations are just as powerful when it comes to GMO’s, herbicides, and pesticides; such as Switzerland’s Syngenta, whom Monsanto failed to acquire last year. The biotech industry is in total, hell bent on corrupting human DNA and making humans reliant upon their chemicals for survival. When in reality mankind should be reliant upon the natural, organic food supply from God.

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