Monsanto, the name behind Roundup, is under fire once again. Internal documents including personal messages and discussions were uncovered that revealed how Monsanto had manipulated the system and has harmed consumers in the process.

The law firm, Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, is behind the publication which proves collusion between the EPA and Monsanto. The documents total more than 700, and the attorneys have made public the discussions on their website. The law firm Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman is one of many firms representing literally thousands of people who are pursuing claims against Monsanto.

“This is a look behind the curtain,” said Wisner. “These show that Monsanto has deliberately been stopping studies that look bad for them, ghostwriting literature and engaging in a whole host of corporate malfeasance. They [Monsanto] have been telling everybody that these products are safe because regulators have said they are safe, but it turns out that Monsanto has been in bed with U.S. regulators while misleading European regulators.”

How many times, have both the mainstream media and Monsanto proclaimed to the world that Glyphosate was safe? The collusion spans to many different organizations and goes to show that scientific fact is subject to special interest. The truth cannot come from scientific research centers only seeking a paycheck, which according to John Coleman (second video) founder of the Weather Channel, the science community is rife with such organizations.

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How are we supposed to trust organizations that clearly have an anterior motive? Better yet, how are we expected to trust organizations that are clearly pushing documentation that is bought and paid for by either the government or a corporation?

Monsanto, the corporation, has in large part garnered ownership of the majority of American crops, and the global food supply, in addition to Roundup, the company pushed on the American public roundup ready crops which are genetically modified in nature. What’s to say that those crops are safe for consumption, given that the company has manipulated data?

The shocking reveal from the law firms confirm something that many independent scientists, such as ’The Health Ranger,’ have known for a long time; glyphosate is not safe. The hope in this particular situation, being that Monsanto owns so much of the global food supply, is that these cases can bring down the conglomerate.

“We can now prove that all Monsanto’s claims about glyphosate’s safety were myths concocted by amoral propaganda and lobbying teams,” Kennedy continued. “Monsanto has been spinning its lethal yarn to everybody for years and suborning various perjuries from regulators and scientists who have all been lying in concert to American farmers, landscapers, and consumers. It’s shocking no matter how jaded you are! These new revelations are commiserate with the documents that brought down big tobacco.”