Man Made Climate Change is a Total Hoax and Ancient History Proves it

Old rocks are the keys to deciphering the truth about man-made climate change, as it turns out climate change can be disproved by history. History, when unadulterated, is the most reliable source of information. These old rocks, happen to have air bubbles from the early days of Earth and as it turns out, the air back then had less density than it does today. What does that mean?

It means that geologists and scientists can test the air, and air pressure. In doing so, something remarkable was discovered. That the air density back then was at most half of what it is now. So what does that mean? It means that the atmosphere back then was less dense, which disproves theories about the early Earth’s atmosphere being thicker to make up for weaker sunlight.

“For the longest time, people have been thinking the atmospheric pressure might have been higher back then, because the sun was fainter,” said lead author Sanjoy Som, who did the work as part of his UW doctorate in Earth and space sciences. “Our result is the opposite of what we were expecting.”

The rocks tested were from Western Australia, and the rocks came from cooling lava. The idea of testing the air trapped in molten rock,”paleobarometer”, to determine the weight of air in our planet’s youth occurred decades ago to co-author Roger Buick, a UW professor of Earth and space sciences.

“We’re still coming to grips with the magnitude of this,” Buick said. “It’s going to take us a while to digest all the possible consequences.” Other geological evidence clearly shows liquid water on Earth at that time, so the early atmosphere must have contained more heat-trapping greenhouse gases, like methane and carbon dioxide, and less nitrogen.

“The levels of nitrogen gas have varied through Earth’s history, at least in Earth’s early history, in ways that people just haven’t even thought of before,” said co-author David Catling, a UW professor of Earth and space sciences. “People will need to rewrite the textbooks.”

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People do need to rewrite the textbooks, but in order for the unadulterated truth to be told, big corporations must not write them. So many mysteries lie within the history of our planet, and so many truths just keep coinciding with the Bible.

The truth is that climate change is a means of control, regardless of the fact that the fossil fuel corporations and resource hungry companies run this planet. Climate change will give total and utter control to a single operating sector, all of which is housed underneath the climate change accord; which Obama just penned. However, the truth is that history keeps disproving climate change. The Earth changes, quite often, and quite violently; but the reality is that when man intervenes in Earth’s process, the Earth will fight back and violently. Which often leaves mankind with disastrous consequences. The most important part of it all, God designed “this rock” and it was perfect, but mankind seeks to control the way planet Earth operates, and again as history shows it is never a good idea to remove the Hand of God from anything.

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