Breaking!! 400000K Long Solar Filament Heading Right For Earth… Heads UP!

The sun, the enormously powerful sun is about to release a very large filament that can and could cause horrific weather for both the United States and of course other countries surrounding. This enormous 400000K Long Solar Filament could cause a large explosion on the sun and create what is called a Hydra-Flare. Below is the compiled information list from Solarham and a few other sources: “Good morning. Here is an updated look at the visible solar disk on Friday. Solar activity during the past 24 hours was low with only minor C-Flares detected. Region 2277 continues to gradually decay is it moves across the northwest quadrant. Region 2280, now located near center disk, showed small signs of development and is capable of producing at least C-Class solar flares. There is a small chance for an isolated M-Flare. No Earth directed coronal mass ejections were detected within the past day. A large plasma rich filament channel is currently stretching across the southeast quadrant and should be monitored during the next several days. Stay tuned to for the latest data and imagery.”-Solarham

“Prepared jointly by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center and the U.S. Air Force. UPDATED 2015 February 7 0030 UTC .24 hr Summary… Solar activity was low. Both Regions 2280 (S08E01, Dac/beta-gamma) and 2281 (N13E33, Cao/beta) were responsible for low level C-flare activity. Those included a C1/Sf at 06/0315 UTC from Region 2281 and another C1/Sf at 06/1017 UTC from Region 2280. Slight growth was observed in the intermediate area of Region 2280 as well as the trailing spots of Region 2281. No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections were observed during the period. 


Solar activity is expected to continue at low levels with a slight chance for isolated M-class flares (R1-R2, Minor-Moderate) for the next three days (07-09 Feb).”

The below is from another source:

There is something very STRANGE going on with the weather
in Montana today 2-05-2015! We will usually expect winter weather storms up here–low temps, lots of snow. Right now it is approaching 60 degrees, with light rain–no snow!
EDITED: JUST IN…Weather Warning in our areas for HIGH WINDS in excess of 60 MPH! Holy Molly!!
It may have something to do with the sun-connection as well as that “Pineapple Express” coming toward the West Coast states today….AND it could get worse!
Major weather/earthquake watch THIS weekend!


Check out the wind patterns, you can see both the East Coast and West Coast are “in-for-it!”,47.95,338

An up-tick for the current in-bound “Pineapple Express” storms coming into the West Coast states this weekend may be the direct result of the “electrical connection” between the Earth and her star if the nearly 150,000 mile-long “SOLAR FILAMENT” releases in an earth-directed CME.
(“Suspicious Observer” currently has us on a “WATCH!”)

(Watch the “Suspicious Observer” video above for some BACKGROUND info!) Uh Yen Weather Model (from Suspicious Observers) explained: The basics of Dr. U-Yen’s system were discussed in a 30 minute audio clip between Ben (S0) and Dr. Kongpop U-Yen, which is available at Here is a partial transcription of this conversation, but first some of S0’s Notes on the ‘U-Yen System‘:

(1) Just like liquids and gases, energy seeks to spread and equalize (except in the case of a Birkeland current) so when a CME or wave in the electric field sweeps past earth, earth gains energy during the equalization process while the particles are passing us (this decreases severity of storms and quakes), but then seeks to re-equalize the pressure afterwards, when earth has more energy than the surrounding areas – resulting in discharges of static and possibly even arc formation. It is this release of the pressure taken-in that causes the storm intensification and the quaking. This is exactly what we see with geomagnetic storms in the ‘wake’ of a CME.

(2) Remember, all successes of this system should be credited to Dr. U-Yen and any failings should be put upon my interpretation and personal use of his teachings.

(0:01) Yeah, I try to keep everything simple so that it’s easy to understand and the way we look at how everything thing works, in the terms of electricity, is that we always have a power source and a electrical wire, like transmission, and then we have the ‘load,’ which is lightbulbs.

(0:38) And typically just like regular power plants it generates power regularly and it sends power through the wire, so the lightbulb lights up. And there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong or anything changing until there is some kind of a power surge happening at the source and it transfers to the ‘load.’

(1:04) And in this case you have the Sun, where it erupts all the time, and at the same time it has background energy that has been pretty much constant output in terms of illumination; illumination doesn’t change much over solar minimum or solar maximum…probably like 1% in terms of Sunspots.

(1:35) So those surges will get transferred to Earth through space, which acts as a transmission line and it’s invisible. So what we typically see is something happen over there and then something happen over here; and that’s what many people have been observing over thousands of years ago.

Check out the weather map for today! Up-tick indicated for
overnight 2-06-2015–we’ve got some tough hours ahead if we get a “hyder-flare” on top of the already nasty storms.

West Coast:

East Coast:

This warning for “increased severity” for bad weather on the West Coast is a direct result of the “Hyderflare and filament release event” which we are predicting the next few days. If it goes, bad weather/quakes will be the “spin-off-affect” of the ADDED ELECTRICAL ENERGY into the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetosphere and there could show some stunning results to be seen on (“”) SOHO. We’ll post them when they come out.

HYDER-FLARE EVENTS IN RECENT PAST: For a “historical reference” on what can be expected from a “hyder-flare”, I’ve provided the following videos from similar events in 2014. Pretty good example on what to expect if this solar-filament puppy blows our direction!

FROM 6-05-2014:
Video (below) is an excellent over-view of the solar action we were watching in summer 2014 that was BEHIND A VERY SEVERE WEATHER OUT-BREAK. BPearthwatch narrated this video posted 6-05-2014, the day after the EXTREME solar flaring began on 6-04-2014. These images are as beautiful as they are scarey. Check it out!

This video (below) an “archived video” which was a pretty funny view of the “hyder-flare” and solar filament release from spring of 2014 when a similar situation presented on our sun. This was an exciting “event” and given this next 150,000 mile long solar filament DOES RELEASEEarth-facing…it could be an even better “show” than last year! We’ll see!


The latest from Yellowstone, the graphs are off the charts and this has not even happened yet:


1 Day Raw Plots for Station B208

7 Day Raw Plots for Station B208

30 Day Raw Plots for Station B208

All Raw Plots for Station B208

Spectrograms for Station B208