Meteor seen by dozens of people across New Zealand

On Tuesday New Zealand witnessed a spectacle from the heavens. A bright meteor was captured, as it blazed across the night sky. It was traveling from East to West, around 9 pm, and the color was bright turquoise. Many reported never seeing anything like it before.

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Sightings came from Titahi Bay in Wellington – a resident in Pikarere StrD said it was “big, bright, turquoise coloured.”

Sarah from Whanganui wrote that she had seen what looked like a bright green, large meteor.

“Never seen anything like this, ever.”

A Manawatu resident said: “It was gorgeous. I’ve seen shooting stars before high up in the sky, but this was a granddaddy one.”

In Mt Roskill, Auckland, it was mistaken for fireworks.

“But this thing was no fireworks, the green cluster of light, was the size of a basketball, heading horizontally on a downward slope across the sky.”

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