WOAH: A Bear-Like-Creature Spotted On Mars (VIDEO)

Did a rogue bear fly to Mars? Or is Nasa playing games with us again? Just recently an image has surfaced from Mars by NASA that shows a very strange bear-like-creature on the surface of Mars. An image like this is rare and very odd because for so long NASA and other organizations have told earthlings that there is no life on Mars, yet there are more and more signs that point to life on the red planet.

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What else should be considered is that this image never originated from Mars, in fact, what should be considered is that this picture by Nasa is from a desert here on Earth.

Beware: A suspicious ‘martian bear’ and its cub have allegedly been identified inhabiting the red planet after an amateur assessment of NASA footage.

Behind the ‘discovery’ is a character named ‘Mister Enigma’ who claims he is a “source for the best UFO, alien, ghost news”.

Enigma examined NASA’s Curiosity Rover footage and said the image may be the most compelling proof of life on Mars. “A gorilla or bear type creature or maybe even a statue of a creature,” he said about what appears to be a large rock.

I know it sounds crazy but just look at them,” he said.

Space gorillas are unsurprisingly not the weirdest thing conspiracy theorists have found on Mars.

A space crab, a space lizard, a giant mouse and even a Star Wars ship have been discovered on the Red Planet by UFO believers, who review NASA images.

Ashwin Vasavada, a NASA scientist who works on the Mars rover project said that while UFO believers can at times behelpful, he believes people who find such objects have pareidolia, a psychological condition where the brain imagines a familiar pattern when there is none.

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