Just recently over Phoenix, Arizona a nuclear like cloud was spotted. There are no words for this particular cloud formation because of the blaring sign of the times we are living in.

Rarities within the heavens have caught the world by storm, and the cloud formations spotted over Phoenix, Arizona showcase yet more proof that these are the end times.

Phoenix, Arizona Pictures by Bruce Haffner and Trey Greenwood on July 18, 2016 near Phoenix, Arizona.

The cloud formation looks as though an atomic bomb just exploded. However, there was no explosion, there was no radiation, and there was no nuclear weapon this is simply a jaw-dropping cloud formation.

The clouds hovering over Arizona appear to foreshadow potential events that are located within the near future for America.

Phoenix, Arizona Pictures by Bruce Haffner and Trey Greenwood on July 18, 2016 near Phoenix, Arizona.
Phoenix, Arizona

Previously FFT showcased a few more signs of the times regarding cloud formations, and how it all relates directly to the End Times.

Signs of the end times are appearing all over the Earth; but the wonders are seen in the heavens. The clouds showcase that portals are being opened and the effects that geoengineering has on the sky. However, there is even more showcased in these clouds.

Rare cloud formations known as phenomena are happening almost on a weekly basis. Some of these cloud formations have not been seen in nearly sixty years; yet they show up in two places at once nowadays. The flooding, the storms, the wild weather, all of this is a sign of things to come because mankind will not listen to the warnings.

Prior to that Freedom Fighter Times reported on a very strange cloud formation photographed over CERN’s LHC.

CERN is notorious for opening portals and then denying it; something very strange was captured in the clouds above the Large Hadron Collider just recently.

Something very eerie took place in Geneva last weekend. A team of photographers captured another mysterious occurrence over Geneva Switzerland where the monster of the Large Hadron Collider is located. We recently exposed that CERN is directly responsible for weather manipulation and the opening of portals, under an operation called The CLOUD Experiment.

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