For the past several years, independent researchers from across the globe have expressed a growing concern over the enthusiasm displayed by scientists at the possibility of engineering the climate.

Geoengineering, while a fringe topic, has grown in popularity in recent years, so much so that recently organizations such as NASA began a project on the East Coast to work towards engineering both the climate and weather. Another example, a body of scientists from Harvard University, despite concerns, also recently began atmospheric geoengineering experiments over the skies of Arizona.

The reasoning behind their efforts to engineer the climate is to save the planet from human-caused climate change. However, regardless of what the mainstream media will tell you, there are well over 30,000 scientists who disagree with the government’s bought and paid for consensus that climate change is a reality.

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Regardless of the fact that climate change is still up for debate, governing bodies such as the United Nations and countries such as China, Germany, and others across the globe are using this opportunity to advance their agendas of reforming global governance and the economy to reflect their objective of overruling petrodollar dominance.

When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, the United States began to withdraw from climate change agreements, set out by international non-governmental and government bodies, the most significant withdrawal by the United States was from the Paris Climate Accord. The deal placed burdensome regulations on US businesses; while granting China, India, and other countries almost a free pass. Immediately after the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, China looked to replace the US in leading the ‘green energy revolution.’

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However, China is now seeking to geoengineer the planet. As stated previously, those who can control the weather can control the world, and the communist nation is looking to do just that. According to Janos Pasztor, the executive director of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, the government of China, scientists included, are discussing and actively planning to control the climate.

In 2016, we at the Christian Journal uncovered an agenda, led by the Club of Rome and other special interest groups of the United Nations, that displayed the objective of creating an international governance in regards to climate control. Now, according to Janos Pasztor, China is looking to take point in controlling the weather; “My most exciting moment came after meeting a senior government minister leading China’s international engagement on climate change. I was informed that after our encounter phone calls were made, and meetings were requested to be held on the governance of geoengineering. This is exactly what we are hoping to achieve in C2G2: getting these issues onto national government agendas.”

With the cited claim of ‘fighting human-caused climate change,’ Communist scientists from China and other locations across the globe are looking to actively control the weather by manipulating the factors that play a direct role in the global climate, the result of such could lead to an international governing body that regulates the weather. What say you reader?