Hindus urge all Utah schools to offer yoga like some Salt Lake City schools


Menafn.com — Hindus have commended Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD) in Utah for offering yoga in its various schools, calling it a step in the positive direction. Course Catalog (2017-2018) of its East High School (EHS) offers Yoga I (9-12), whose description includes: In this course students will unite the mind and body with the spirit, creating a more whole person and it includes meditation. Its list of yoga benefits includes self realization and inner peace. It also offers Yoga II (10-12), whose description includes enhancing mind/body connection.

Yoga was also offered in EHS, West High School and Highland High School of SLCSD as a course in 2016-2017. Yoga was reportedly one of the electives in Nibley Park School (K-8) and in 2015 – 2016, several teachers used Yoga Me Do in Newman Elementary School. Third graders at Lincoln Elementary School have been practicing yoga, and according to a write-up on SLCSD website: At the end of each session, when the entire room shares a long Om, it is amazing to feel the unity, calm, and peace pervade the space. Grades 11-12 Course Catalog (2017-2018) of neighboring Park City High School includes Yoga, whose description includes mind-body connectivity and meditation exercises.

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Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, applauded SLCSD for coming forward and providing an opportunity to students to avail the multiple benefits yoga offered.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, exhorted all public, private, charter and independent schools of Utah to adopt yoga as part of their curriculum so that students did not miss a learning opportunity in this competitive world.

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