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Researchers are examining cave art discovered in the Sahara that show nonhuman hands mixed with human hands. It has long been examined whether or not the Nephilim existed. As evidence is continually being hidden, a find like the following could prove to be useful in the research war for solid proof of these Biblical giants. The strange ideology of the old times is clearly depicted in the cave art of Egypt, and it raises questions as to why in the world human hands are mixed with lizard hands in these paintings.

The roughly 8,000-year-old “hands” painted on a rock wall in the Sahara Desert aren’t human at all, as researchers originally thought, but are actually stencils of the “hands” or forefeet, of the desert monitor lizard, a new study finds.

These tiny lizard hands are intermingled with paintings of human adult hands, which ancient rock artists stenciled around using red, yellow, orange and brown pigments, the researchers said.

It’s unclear why these ancient people used both human and lizard hands as stencils, but the finding may provide clues about the mysterious people who lived in the Sahara about 8,000 years ago, the researchers said.

“I think we have to remain a bit prudent,” she said. “We have to explore all of the hypotheses without taking anything for granted.”

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Oddly enough, this could actually showcase the “breedings” of that time. The Bible tells us that during those times man mixed with fallen angels. This is not to say that the desert monitor lizard is a fallen angel, but it is to say that it could be rather symbolic of the “breedings” that took place during those ages.

Prehistoric findings are always wild. Massive misshaped heads, crazy bone structures, and so on, only show a bit of what happened before God wiped the earth clean with a flood.

“It completely changes the way we think about prehistoric people,” said lead study researcher Emmanuelle Honoré, a research fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. “We never imagined they had such complex practices in that area at that time.”

Researchers believe these are stencils of human hands throughout that time but studying the photo provided, it appears as though some of the drawings have human sized hands with pointy fingers. The nephilim spoken of in Genesis did exist in those days, and this cave art stands as yet another proving point showcasing what was actually going on in those days; but by all means judge for yourself and let us know in the comments below.

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