A prayer for the brokenhearted in the name of Jesus


I invite you to join me in prayer for lifting of depression and joy in Jesus name.

God, I know that you are God of all things. You are our almighty creator and I live to praise you but in my soul, I feel the heaviness of depression. I don’t know why or how I could be so downcast, please forgive me. God, I put my hope in you. The cares of this world try to draw me away, to push me to hope in material and worldly things, but I refuse because you God are the only hope that sustains, that loves, that gives.

You love me so much that you were willing to lay down your life for my sins. You bore the weight of this wicked world and so I know that you understand exactly the way I feel when I feel burdened. It was because you came and died on the cross that we have hope. I will no longer bear the burdens that you already took on and paid the price for. Right now, God, I submit those burdens to you. Any feeling of unworthiness is gone in Jesus name! The heaviness and burden of depression, the binds of anxiety and fear are gone in the name of Jesus. I cast all my cares on the Lord knowing that He sustains me.


He is a good father that does not delight in evil, that will not let me fall. God, I take refuge under your wings,

I stand on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ, my rock. My Redeemer.

No matter how rough the seas of my life become, how hard the rain pours down, I will not cease praising you and there I will find my peace. You are the calm in the storm, a mighty stronghold in times of trouble.

I will not be afraid, I will not be discouraged, God as I walk out my faith with you I submit myself to you letting you lead as you walk ahead of me. I allow myself to trust in you, letting go of anything that may have happened that would cause me to feel as though I cannot trust. You God I can trust, and I will. Draw near to me God, you are my everlasting strength. When I’m brokenhearted and the ways of this world leave me feeling crushed all the way in my spirit, save me, deliver me, and give me a determination.


Your word says that those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. For the glory of your kingdom, it will be you, God that causes me to rise, to sow amidst the chaos and sadness, you will have me to sow no matter what conditions it may be, and songs of joy will be the result.

My faith in you is unwavering, to you be the glory forever! It takes nothing to convince me that you will perform that which you have promised. It is my prayer that depression be lifted from your people, that every one that believes in you would find joy in Jesus. I pray that we all know the peace you freely give us that surpasses all understanding and that will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, Amen!

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