Brussels Terror Attack or False Flag? The Evidence Revealed


Brussels, the multicultural land, recently came under terror attacks by Jihadists. The questions is was this a false flag? Directly before the attacks in Brussels, a large terror drill took place. Prior to the attacks, at a metro station and an airport, intelligence agencies knew about the attacks potentially taking place. The question is why didn’t their “intelligence” stop the attacks?

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The problems persist. The massive invasion of privacy does not stop terror attacks, and the enormous amount of drills all across the globe do not help individuals prepare for attacks.

In most cases; the enormous drill, done directly before an attack, is usually not to prepare agencies to deal with the attacks but to pave the way for a false flag. Which is the reasoning behind the investigation of the attacks done on March 23, 2016.

The following photos are from from the drill that took place at the metro station on February 29th 2016, mixed with the actual assault. Can we distinguish the difference?


You can click through the slides below to see all the photos.

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Interestingly enough the attacks happened at the American Airlines desk, and at a metro station.

Europe is being torn apart by the “refugees” and there is no end in sight. The European Union is destroying the countries of Europe. The fact of the matter is that not less than a month prior a drill took place at the scene of a metro station. Was this predictive programming? The other question that needs answering is where is the footage of the attack at the metro station? There is footage at the airport but none of the metro station?

The obvious answer is that this is a false flag to further destroy the freedoms of those in Europe because they are in need of “security.”

Europe is in a state of war, London is preparing for 10 simultaneous terror attacks. While this attack was not in London, but Brussels, the question is; was this the first of the 10 attacks spoken of just yesterday?

More is developing out of this situation.

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