From Gangsta Rap to Jesus, Snoop Dogg Produces Chart-topping Gospel Album


Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. also known as Snoop Dogg released a soulful gospel album titled Bible of Love on March 16, 2018.

The album includes gospel and R&B heavy-hitters like Tye Tribett, the Clark Sisters, Faith Evans, and Rance Allen.


“It’s always been on my heart. I just never got around to it because I always be doing ‘gangsta’ business or doing this or doing that,” Snoop said during an interview with Beats 1 Radio. “I just felt like it’s been on my heart too long. I need to do it now.”

Snoop is known for his gangsta rap, so many were surprised that he himself served as executive producer over the entirety of Bible of Love which features 32 tracks.

Some are doubting that Snoop has good intentions since he has stated in 2009 that he was a member of the Nation of Islam, then in 2012 Snoop converted to Claiming to the Rastafari movement, and now he has moved into gospel.


Tv One interviewed Snoop and asked, “what do you say to people who don’t like the idea of a secular artist coming into gospel music?”

He responds, “The devil is a liar. I thought church was supposed to welcome sinners…Come as you are. We know you’ve been doing wrong and you want to get right so we gonna help you get right. We’re not gonna throw stones at you when you’re trying to do right and walk back in the church house. That’s what’s running people away from church as we speak and we’re trying to get people back in church.”

He then turns to look straight in the camera and says, “What’s happenin, yeah I said it. What about you, have you checked your status, are you going to heaven? Why are you judging me? How much work have you put in for the Lord?”

While it seems hard to believe, the lyrics and soul of the music speaks volumes and proclaims the name of the Lord. The song “Defeated” featuring John P. Kee begins, “Father, we pray this morning for the spirit of wisdom and revelation, and the knowledge of Jesus Christ” revealing the power of the Lord he sings on:

“Changed my hustle to witness
All the things I did wrong
Gave me a brand new message –
Gave me a brand new song
So now I can’t be threatened
By the drama and the tricks you bring
For I will not be defeated –
For there is joy in the song that I sing.”

“In The Name Of Jesus” features October London which opens “You need to get on your knees and pray and thank Him for everything, no matter what situation.” “There is power, glory, faith, and strength in Jesus.”

“Sunrise” features Sly Pyper who raps:

“If you get a second chance, you better make the most of it
I used to ride with the gun guys
Blaze to the fun times
But nowadays, I just praise until the sunrise
Been down so long
I’m used to falling, y’all
But I recognize, this my calling dawg
I been ordained, anointed with the oil
You see today is the day to get your life right.”

These are only a few of the 32 tracks on the album. So often we see artists use their fame for greed and to bring their unknowing fans to worship false gods. Snoops new album delivers a positive message of redemption to his fans, and praise and worship of Jesus everywhere it’s performed. Last week he brought his top charting gospel music to the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Snoops album calls on the name of Jesus and features the transformative power of our Lord and Savior. With that it holds the power to evangelize the word of the Lord, leading to a change in heart for the listener.

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