Grand European Tour – Russian Style, World War 3 Knocking At The Door!

The video being displayed has got to be one of the most interesting videos played this year so far. The audacity of Russia to play this sort of thing on their state-run tv programs is a bit far fetched but other than that everything else seems legit. So if it is legit Europe better watch out because Russia is planning a Gran European tour… Russian Style. The coming of war is nothing to joke about so the humor that could potentially be behind this is very sick. However, it seems legit. In the video below please read the captions as she is speaking. It seems unreal, almost as unreal as the time the French President said that the Illuminati was behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Strange times, with even stranger signs.

After watching a minute of this video most of you will think this is a joke or some sort of prank. And yet it is not. It is an excerpt of the actual TV program that was broadcasted by one of Russian federal TV channels. Channel  5 covers all 83 regions of Russian Federation and reaches the total of over 152 million people. And if you think that this program was created during Cold War era, you will be wrong again. The program was broadcasted on February 8, 2015 during prime time. They are serious and you are not sleeping. It’s time to start checking your armed forces.

via Grand European Tour – Russian Style – (English).