The Horror At Saint Petersburg Drag Queen Story Hour

When a child is in danger, whether it is inside of their mothers womb or inside of a creepy cafe you can count on the cane-dependent, disabled Christian Marine veteran and Abortion Abolitionist; Matthew Tringali to be there outside of the doors of the murder mills and grooming closets with his message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ. 

Matthew Tringali preaching from the bed of his pick up truck

On Saturday as Matthew and his fellow Christian Abolitionists Mark and Stacy McDonald, Dick and Deb Maxwell, John Hardy, Justin Edwards, Allan Siders and Yussef Bechara prepared to preach the gospel outside of the Drag Queen Story Hour at Community Cafe in Saint Petersburg, FL, they were being covered in prayer by their online community, friends and family. The eyewitness accounts and live video footage as they arrived on Central Ave. is the uncensored reality of the perversions that take place at Drag Queen Story Hours around the country. These are accounts that you will not hear in the local news. While mainstream monsters and delusional supporters will tell you that this was a loving and tolerant event for children to learn about acceptance and equality, what was witnessed in real time recordings was everything short of love and tolerance, acceptance and equality and definitely not an event for children.

Upon arrival the gospel preachers were greeted with what the LGBTQ+XYZ community calls “The Wall of Love”. This wall consisted of people of many different shapes, sizes, ages and gender dysphoric beliefs, who stood closely together in order to prevent the incoming Drag Queen, parents and children from hearing the truth of the Gospel. Among this crowd were fanatical reprobates who were there to represent their individual perverse communities, many of whom welcomed the preachers with a show of middle fingers to their faces throughout the entire event. A frequent visitor of these events was a lone man in fishnet stockings, a kilt and a fanny pack. He stood outside of the children’s event wearing a metal dog collar around his neck holding a blue, black and white flag representing the sexual fetish of what is commonly referred to within the alphabetical brigade community as Leather B.D.S.M. A more intense moment outside of the cafe was when a same sex lesbian couple, there with two children, were seen throwing a beverage with ice in the face of someone who spoke out against Drag Queen Story Hour

Leather B.D.S.M Flag at Saint Petersburg DQSH

Another agent in the crowd was a single, middle aged male who was silently lurking around, wearing a blue and purple cape with sunglasses that covered his wandering eyes. A disheveled woman with exposed midriff sulked through the crowd as she was blowing a bowl of sage, commonly referred to as smudging, represented the community practicing witchcraft and sorcery. On the public sidewalk, sitting at a table, was a very elderly man who peeked up at the crowd in between what appeared to be napping sessions. A family of four was also present – a mom, dad and two sons, one son who was young enough to attend the inside event, chose to hang outside of the cafe. Audio and video very clearly pick up the shouts of the mother wearing a purple pride shirt, yelling “F*** You” at the preachers. In the same video, you can hear them speak about the sexual endeavors involving her backside that take place inside of her bedroom. The teenage son, who was decked out in a rainbow tassel shirt, girl’s jeans and women’s red high heels, gave Stacy McDonald direct instructions to perform sexually explicit acts on herself and apologized to her for her husband “not satisfying” her in bed.

Dick Maxwell trying to reach the lost souls inside and outside of Community Cafe

In the midst of the perversion and chaos one thing was clear, these men and women of God who came out to shine light on this filthy event were not there for themselves. They were there to preach the good news, that those supporting this event can turn away from this evil lifestyle and be born again, cleansed, and sanctified by the blood of Jesus. The sidewalks had signs that had bible verses printed on them as well as specific passages about repentance and “common sense” morals. 

John Hardy feeling the “love and tolerance”

John Hardy walked quietly and peacefully holding a sign that read “Jesus is the Answer”. Allan Siders and Justin Edwards used voice amplifiers to be heard above the noise of a local who was using a leaf blower to “blow around nothing but hot air” said Stacy McDonald. The bookstore owner didn’t stop there, witnesses heard the unknown local accuse a married Mark McDonald of being a homosexual himself. At times her language became more explicit when she would accuse Mark of wanting to perform oral sex on other men. Yuseff Bechara showed up, Bible in hand ready to win souls for the Kingdom. Dick Maxwell used his voice like a ram’s horn and he did not hold back, obeying Isaiah 58:1. Through his bullhorn he proclaimed the gospel for all in attendance. 

Allan Siders proclaiming the gospel

Matthew Tringali preached from the bed of a pick-up truck and pleaded with sinners to turn from their wicked ways. He preached that they could be set free from the bondage of sin that is keeping them outside of the cafe in support of sexualizing children. A few police officers stood close by and intervened when a “Wall of Love” attendee began to yell false interpretations of the law about filming the general public at Stacy McDonald, who was live streaming the event at the time.

As the attendees arrived, the children were brought through a back door to the cafe and had no visual or audible encounters with the ministers of the gospel, despite reports that said the ministers were yelling and screaming at children. 

There were also a lot of adults who showed up to this “children’s event” without any children, I wonder why? 

Inside of the Community Cafe which happens to offer an assortment of alcoholic beverages, the organizers of this indoctrination event were using sheets to cover the windows, filling the floor with blankets, pillows and stuffed animals making it look like the stereotypical pedophile dungeon all the while gathering small children in a circle to sit in front of a man wearing women’s clothing. The Drag Queen named Matthew McGee sported a Betty White styled wig, some scary Mrs. Doubtfire inspired makeup and a burgundy and blue women’s blouse comparable to a moo moo. He read stories while cracking adult-themed jokes about having been a “Brony” which is a male between the ages of 13-30 who is obsessed with the show “My Little Pony” that is intended for children ages 2-11. Perhaps this was deemed appropriate since there were twice as many adults as there were children attending this “children’s event”.

At the end of the event, the dozen or so gender confused child sexualizing God haters escorted Mr. McGee to his car, while the ministers of the gospel continued to preach while being cussed at, blocked, and had sexual hand gestures being shown to them. Their preaching was being done in hopes that Mr. McGee would hear the Word of God and repent. 

Yussef Bechara and Justin Edwards preaching of repentance

As McGee began to pull out of his parking spot, a woman who was not with the group of Christian Abolitionists was seen pleading at his car window one last time for him to repent of his wicked ways. The same woman and one other woman who were not with the group were cited for trespassing after they entered the Community Cafe earlier in the day. Matthew Tringali was issued a written warning but for a much different reason. After an hour and a half of the Holy Spirit ministering through Matthew, it took a toll on his flesh and he needed to rest. He quietly sat down on the chairs owned by Community Cafe which were located on the public sidewalk. In a gesture of “love” and “tolerance” the cafe owner can be seen on video in the distance waving her arms in front of Matthew’s face while he was sitting, cane in hand. She waved two officers over and continued to use her arms to gesture for him to leave. Matthew walked off when the officers asked, peacefully without incident.

Matthew Tringali being issued a warning for Trespassing

Being a minister of the gospel does sometimes come with a cost. Matthew’s cost comes at the expense of a lawyer, private investigator, bail money, and of course travel back and forth to Florida, and it will continue until the trial after he was arrested illegally in Clearwater, FL in front of Scientology FLAG building this past January. To read more about this click the GoFund Me link. [Here]

Matthew has made his stance very clear and his words perfectly describe the calling that he has been chosen for.

“Darkness hates the Light and it is the Light we bring to expose the wickedness of this. We as Christians are to be salt and light in this wicked generation. The devil seeks to kill & destroy, and he is a liar. Jesus said it would be better if you had a millstone tied around your neck and cast into the deepest part of the sea then to hurt one of these children of mine, we will not stand by quietly as he seeks to devour our children” -Matthew Tringali