LIVE VIDEO: Oregon Standoff (Updates)

Update: 11:43 a.m.: Helicopter flew in from the west and is making passes. Militia could be heard saying, “Take cover!” The chopper appears to be well equipped, “no call letters,” and has a “camera on the front.”

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The law enforcement partners involved in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge will hold a press conference at 11:00 am on Wednesday, January 27th. Media may start setting up at 9:30 am.

Harney County Chamber of Commerce
484 N. Broadway Avenue
Burns, OR 97720

Expected Participants:
FBI, Special Agent in Charge Greg Bretzing
United States Attorney’s Office, U.S. Attorney Bill Williams
Harney County, Sheriff Dave Ward

There are currently no plans by any agencies to do interviews outside of the press conference.


PPN is still on site in Burns, Oregon and we have contact with people inside the Refuge. We are working on maintaining a calm presence in town and are still acting as a buffer between the Refuge and the FBI. We stand by our order of STAND BY at this time. No Call To Actions have been issued.

To confirm what we know so far: Ammon Bundy and several others were arrested while on their way to John Day, Oregon to a pre-scheduled meeting. Two others were arrested at separate times and taken into custody. The charges are 18 United States Code, Section 372. Our legal team is looking into these charges now and a report will be issued later on what we know. We have confirmed that those arrested were taken to Multnomah County Jail for booking.

We have confirmed that all women and children are off of the Refuge at this time. It is confirmed that the authorities have the Refuge surrounded and have made no attempts to ambush. We have inside sources telling us that they have been in contact with the authorities trying to work out a peaceful resolution.

We have several eye witnesses to things happening in Burns this morning. As we confirm and vet these accounts, information will be released. Please be patient as we want to make sure that we are putting out the most accurate information.

Pacific Patriots Network Media Team
[email protected]

Update 9:01 a.m.: Shots fired at drone in the air. “Eyes in the sky.”


Update 8:55 a.m.: One militia member, the one who called his mom, has now called for all military and all patriots to “come get some” and “fight for your country.” The man said if law enforcement try to stop you from coming, “kill them.”

Update 8:15 a.m.: Older Navy SEALS are expected to parachute in to aid the patriots against a violent FBI siege. They are “30 minutes out.” The shit’s about to get real and the mainstream is in full media blackout. One militia member is on the phone with his mom and vows to die a free man. “I was born for this,” he said. “We have God on our side,” he told his mom.
“We are all willing to lay down our lives. I want you to know you son is a good boy. I want you to know that. But I got to go mom, ” the man said before hanging up the phone.

Update 8:10 a.m.: “There are some mad dog motherfuckers I know that are coming to get some.,” one militia member was overheard saying to the female, suggesting the FBI may be walking into a trap and will possibly be flanked later in the day.
Update 7:57 a.m.: FBI preparing for incursion.
The @FBI is advising journalists to leave now. Could be gearing up for a move on#Malheur keep it locked to @KOINNews for updates

— Andrew Dymburt (@DymburtNews) January 27, 2016
Update 7:33 a.m.: Militia member Blaine Cooper is presumably in charge of militia operations at the refuge.

Update: 7:22 a.m.: Female militia member gave last wishes, testimony, to cameraman in full anticipation of being killed by authorities. The woman also wished her two dogs be cared for in the event of her death. The woman is wielding an AK-47, U.S. variant, with a 30 round clip.