As the ‘professional’ unrest begins to ‘settle down,’ new calls for future unrest are growing. Several organizations are actively planning riots and protests for Trump’s inauguration day. The real question behind the ongoing nation in distress is, are we about to witness Martial Law in January?

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Let’s cover four oddities regarding pre-planning for a potential Martial Law, and a communist takeover.

1A Hacked Black Lives Matter Message

Speculation relating to the possibility for Martial Law before a Trump victory began roughly in June 2016. When a hacked, Black Lives Matter direct message expressed plans to get martial law declared.

The exchange was between ‘Deray’ and ‘Netta,’ also referenced in the tweet was a conversation with what appears to be the current Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The owner of the account has since deleted the tweet, but for verification of the tweet’s occurrence see here.

2The Odd Simpsons Electoral College Map

Even further evidence that something strange is going on is the fact that the Simpsons predicted with ‘decent’ accuracy the electoral college map of Donald Trump’s victory.

Officially the electoral college map comes from a Simpson episode in 2012 when apparently Mr. Burns “endorsed” Mitt Romney. Strange, but still the accuracy could potentially showcase pre-planning of an eventual Trump victory.

3Obama has off and on joked about staying in office

In a speech in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, President Obama spoke to the Ethiopian people about government officials who refuse to leave office after their term has expired. Obama used himself as an example and pointed out that he is constitutionally barred from running for a third term before adding, “I actually think I’m a pretty good president. I think if I ran I could win. But I can’t.”

4Professional Protestors

Even Donald Trump knows that the leaders of the ongoing protests against his victory are paid. In a recent tweet, the President-elect stated, “Now professional protestors, incited by the media, are protesting.”

However, it should be duly noted that directly after Trump called the professional protestors and media out, things got a bit quieter.

Plus, as Obama and gang left the country, Soros went back to the drawing board with a number of Democratic mega-donors and various party elite at a three-day strategy session in Washington, D.C. to plot methods to usurp Donald Trump’s agenda.

Furthermore, the professional protestors, referenced by Trump, are reportedly funded by none other than George Soros and affiliates.

In addition to funding by the renowned globalist, the leftist media is practically inciting violence by instructing people to go out and protest. Such is leading America further into division and anarchy.

With Soros and gang rampantly planning an assault, the media inciting violence, and plans for total disruption of Trump’s inauguration; from day one, the next four years are going to be interesting; that is however if we make it past day one.

The “Purple Revolution”

During Hillary Clinton’s concession speech she wore purple, her reasoning according to her spokespeople is that it is meant to signify the uniting of democrats and republicans. However, towards the end of her speech she stated; “… I want everybody coming out from behind that and make sure your voices are heard going forward.”

When taken at face value, the phrase doesn’t mean all that much. But, when put together with what is currently going on around the country, there may be hidden meaning. The question is, did Hillary Clinton call on those who operate in the shadows to come out?

After several days of riots and protests, it would appear as though this phrase was the first calling for ‘Revolution In The Streets.’ The current plot for a “revolution” begins with Trump’s inauguration address, which protestors and rioters will attempt to shut down.

According to the Oath Keepers – “we cannot simply sit around and watch while the enemies of liberty work to use violence to initiate a (communist) revolution in our country. As a result of the intelligence being provided by our Operation Sabot operatives, we have initiated Operation HYPO. We have allowed our personnel to burrow deep inside these protest organizations to collect information regarding tactics, motivations, schedules and logistics.”

In accordance with the ongoing regime currently presiding in power at the White House, it is evident that the communists, monarchists, and Marxists have engaged in a ‘soft takeover’ of the US, meaning that the elite have used demoralization, subversion, and indoctrination to overthrow our constitution. However, thus far have yet to accomplish their political agenda.

History has shown that once a soft takeover fails, next comes the “revolution.” Now, even celebrities such as Katy Perry and Sarah Silverman are calling for a “revolution in the streets.”

The communists have one ‘soft’ chance left to attempt a political takeover, and that is the electoral college. After that fails, then it is reasonable to assume that those who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to overthrow the constitution, would instruct a violent revolution.

The question is, is the radical left about to engage in a prolonged campaign of chaos, violence, and physical intimidation, which would inevitably lead the United States to Martial Law?

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Note – This is not a prediction, rather it is an accumulation of evidence showcasing the potential. For corrections and tips, please email support.

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