Military Takeover Step 2: UWEX 16 The Successor of Jade Helm 15 Psychological Warfare is Afoot

UWEX 16, the military drill to kick the year off. 2016 is a new year and for Texas it is going to be filled with drills from the get go. Starting in March Unconventional Warfare Excursive 2016 will be kicking off. This drill will consist of 30+ role players, and, of course, the secretive notion that “nothing is going on” but in reality something drastic is.

First off, the acceptance of military drills is of concern. In the video below, the city councilmen are all meeting and discussing the drill, and with this drill they are making jokes that the “crazies” are coming out of the woodworks. When in reality, it is the military coming out of the woodworks to make society accept their presence as the “norm.”

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Secondly, the military equipment moved for Jade Helm 15 is still in place and will still be used at a later date, whether it be during this drill or another, it is quite obvious that it is for military takeover purposes.

Now, the final question is why are they conducting yet another strange, and secret military in the back yard of Texans? According to their claims, it is not for martial law purposes, but with all of the psychological warfare going on against the people of this country, it begs the bigger question of just who is going to accept martial law, under the pretense of a “drill”. With repeated exercises, many will just start to accept it.

The undertone, behind every military drill, is virtually the same purpose. It is to further the agenda of martial law, but the obvious purpose is to wage psychological warfare on citizens, to desensitize them to the presence of the military. One day, the military will be on the streets and everyone will just accept it because it is the “norm.” When in reality it is martial law.

(INTELLIHUB) — Fresh off the recent conclusion of the controversial urban military training exercise Jade Helm, military special forces are again preparing to train to take on the American people and they are using a familiar part of the country to do it.

On Monday, Bastrop County commissioners approved yet another request from United States Special Operations Forces to conduct covert urban military training in the region from March 10 to June 5, 2016, according to an article in the Austin American-Statesman.

The planned training, known as Unconventional Warfare Exercise or UWEX 16, is extremely secretive and will reportedly take place on private property as well as at Camp Swift.

Video of the council meeting confirms that the training is similar to the recently concluded Jade Helm and shows council leaders literally joking about allowing even more training with an obvious domestic focus.

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