Pastor accused of sexually battering a teen that he claimed was ‘possessed by a demon’


A Florida pastor is being accused of sexually battering a 17 year old girl that he says was possessed by a demon.

The pastor of Miracle Christian Church, Gerardo Martinez was arrested by Pasco County deputies on two felony charges of sexual battery last week. He has since been released on bail of $100,000.


The girl contacted the Sheriff’s Office about the allegations on Dec. 12. Detectives later found witnesses who saw the pastor and girl together. One witness said Martinez called him and explained “why they were so close,” the report said, because she was “possessed by a demon.”

The pastor told her she had “multiple personalities” and one was “possessed by a demon,” according to the arrest report.

“In doing so the defendant gained the trust of the victim’s parents,” the report said, so that they would leave her at church, allow her to travel with him and even enter her home when she was alone.


Martinez is accused of sexually battering the girl multiple times from April to October, deputies said, in incidents that took place in his vehicle, at the church and at her home in Tarpon Springs.

Martinez “denied the allegations,” the report said, while her story “remained consistent.” Authorities said the girl’s accounts of the alleged sexual encounters with Martinez are “pretty heinous” and “graphic”.

The church’s website said he is married with three children, and explains his stance on ministering to the youth:

“Pastor Jerry has a vision to teach and to train leaders and Pastors in the supernatural, healing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare to see the body of Christ set free for God’s glory and to advance God’s Kingdom in these latter days. Pastor Jerry also has a passion to see the youth experience the power of God as opposed to the powers of darkness that they are attracted to.”

Sadly this seems to be another case of spiritual abuse by a pastor misusing his authority with a minor, all while sexually abusing her. Similar abuse has happened within the catholic church and been swept under the rug by the pope and other Vatican advisors.

Spiritual abuse is a tragic form of abuse that in some cases robs the victim of more than just their ability to trust in the church, but also their ability to trust in God. Please pray for the girl who chose to stay anonymous, that she would find healing and restoration of faith after such violation and betrayal of trust. There is hope and healing in Christ alone.

“Death, failure, sickness, disappointment- they cannot take our joy, because they cannot take our Jesus. What you have in Christ is greater than anything you don’t have in life. You have the living presence of Jesus within you. In Christ you have everything. He can give you a happiness that can never be taken, a grace that will never expire, and a wisdom that will ever increase. He is a fountain of living hope that will never be exhausted.” – Anxious for Nothing, Max Lucado

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