“Pope Francis A Man of his Word” Premiers as Pope Talks Scandals and Stepping Down


Just a couple days before his big movie premiere, Jorge Bergoglio, or Pope Francis dropped a hint that he may be considering stepping down. According to AP, Pope Francis says he has thought about when it might be time to “take leave” of his flock. His comments were made during the morning homily on Tuesday.

Francis was reflecting on St. Paul discerning when to leave his flock in the care of others, a decision Francis said all bishops must make.


He said: “When I read this, I think about myself, because I’m a bishop and I’ll have to take my leave.”

With all the sex abuse scandals going on in the catholic church, some say he was actually referring to the Chilean bishops who were involved in the most recent sex abuse cover up.

Pope Francis is so often depicted as a dedicated world leader that promotes unity and love, and this May, there’s a movie being released that presents him as just that. “No matter what divides us, his words unite us” the preview begins as it presents Francis as the larger than life character that he is made out to be, although research proves otherwise.


The most controversial pope of all time, is being featured in a movie titled, “Pope Francis- A Man of His Word,” a movie intended to be a personal journey with Pope Francis, rather than a biographical documentary about him.

The film follows the Pope as he communicates his vision with the world, traveling across the globe to address the United Nations and the US Congress, visit Ground Zero, the Holy Land, Africa, South America and Asia.

“Pope Francis is a living example of a man who stands for what he says,” the movies producer Wenders ironically said last year. “Through the full cooperation of the Vatican, we were privileged to have several long audiences with Pope Francis, and Focus now joins us in bringing his radical compassion and deep humanism to an audience around the globe.”

This comes not even a week after Pope Francis issued another public apology to the Chilean bishop’s victims that he discredited. Pope Francis’ emergency summit of the Chilean hierarchy began by Francis thanking them for their “full willingness” to do whatever it takes to recover from a cleric sex abuse and cover-up scandal.

Pure propaganda of “Man of his Word” continues, “As a leader whose faith inspires the world.”

“In a divided world, one leader has a mission to bring us together.”

Showing the pope sitting in front of a statue of Saint Mary and a sea of people raising a candle to him, he says,”We have so much to do and we must do it together.”

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