The hysteria surrounding Climate Change will now set the stage for a full frontal ‘legal’ assault brought on by chemtrails and geoengineering. Meanwhile, while the debate rages on surrounding the legitimacy of chemtrails, for the first time magnetic nanoparticles were discovered embedded in human brain tissue.

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The nanoparticles from chemtrails, not pollution, are directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease, and an array of other brain health issues. However, according to Wikipedia, mainstream news, and your local weatherman chemtrails are still a “conspiracy theory.” Even though in reality, they are factual and are happening all around us. So factual in fact, the United States government even has patents for them. So factual in fact that the Florida government is using a form of chemtrails to douse Miami with pesticides. Chemtrails are no conspiracy theory.

Now, according to scientists; it’s time to use weather modification or geoengineering to “stop Climate Change directly in it’s tracks.” Geoengineering is broadly split into two categories: carbon dioxide removal (CDR), and ‘albedo modification’, often called solar radiation management (SRM) or ‘solar geoengineering’.

CDR aims to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which would address the root cause of climate change — the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It may become an important part of addressing climate change. But it is currently still expensive and relatively slow.

Albedo modification seeks to reflect a small fraction of sunlight back into space to cool the planet. The principle is simple. It is the same reason we wear white in the summer and black in the winter. Lighter colors reflect sunlight and cool what’s underneath. Darker colors absorb light and heat. Albedo modification is no substitute for cutting carbon dioxide pollution. It is a potential supplement.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to stick to covering Albedo Modification.

There are several proposed albedo modification technologies. The two most important ones are marine cloud brightening and stratospheric aerosol injection. The biggest problem with marine cloud brightening is that it has spotty results and potentially significant risks of disturbing regional weather patterns. The second is stratospheric aerosol injection, which is injecting tiny reflective particles, such as sulfate aerosols or even diamond dust, into the upper atmosphere; to reflect sunlight.


Those same particles are already being pumped into the atmosphere, according to the director of the CIA.

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Toxic Magnetic Nanoparticles – Small Study Discovers nanoparticles already embedded within Human brain tissue

What is thought to be a plan to fight ‘climate change’ is already going on now, and science proves it. A small study done by UK researchers has discovered that magnetic nanoparticles from “air pollution” have been embedded within human brain tissue.

“You are talking about millions of magnetite particles per gram of freeze-dried brain tissue – it is extraordinary,” says Maher.

“Crystal forms are more likely to have a natural source – such as iron that has come out of the body’s cells,” Clare Wilson explains for New Scientist. “But round particles normally come from melting iron at high temperatures, which happens when fuel is burned.”

“Magnetite in the brain is not something you want to have, because it is particularly toxic there,” Maher told The Guardian, adding that they can produce reactive oxygen molecules called free radicals, which have been linked to ageing and neurological disease.

“Oxidative cell damage is one of the hallmark features of Alzheimer’s disease, and this is why the presence of magnetite is so potentially significant, because it is so bioreactive,” she says.

Stratospheric Aerosal injection – The “future” plan

Aerosols could be injected into the upper atmosphere to engineer the climate by scattering incident sunlight so as to produce a cooling tendency that may mitigate the risks posed by the accumulation of greenhouse gases. Analysis of climate engineering has focused on sulfate aerosols. Here I examine the possibility that engineered nanoparticles could exploit photophoretic forces, enabling more control over particle distribution and lifetime than is possible with sulfates, perhaps allowing climate engineering to be accomplished with fewer side effects. The use of electrostatic or magnetic materials enables a class of photophoretic forces not found in nature. Photophoretic levitation could loft particles above the stratosphere, reducing their capacity to interfere with ozone chemistry; and, by increasing particle lifetimes, it would reduce the need for continual replenishment of the aerosol. Moreover, particles might be engineered to drift poleward enabling albedo modification to be tailored to counter polar warming while minimizing the impact on equatorial climates.

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While the scientists plan to use magnetic materials to spray the atmosphere to reduce sunlight emissions, we aren’t so convinced. The effects of this “potential plan” on the human brain is so profound that it can even alter a persons beliefs and morals. For more on this topic, please see our article on brain zapping.

The overwhelming evidence out there on geoengineering should convince even the most stubborn that it is occurring, and we should all be paying attention. The original ideology was to use sulfates as to mimic a volcanic eruption, but some scientists believe, and current studies show that magnetic or electrostatic particles would be a “better fit” for the atmosphere. No matter the spin, injecting particles into the atmosphere would cause chaotic events, some of which we already see today, that is because – geoengineering is already an ongoing process.

They claim that the magnetic particles found in brains exist simply from pollution, but they are some of the same particles included in the future plans to spray in chemtrails. Is this a coincidence? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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