Tanks At Walmart In Easton Texas Jade Helm 15

Unless Walmart has acquired new merchandise for sale or beefed up their security for a war zone, then these tanks that have now been spotted in the parking lot of the Easton, Texas Walmart are for Jade Helm 15.

Compared to other military drills the oddity of Jade Helm 15 is that the participants will not be using hypothetical names or places, which is standard for US military drills. Instead they are using actual names and places for these drills. Which has raised many concerns and suspicions.

In the video below the two tanks are not just stopping by they have dropped the landing gear as though they are going to be used to protect Walmart or the people inside during wartime, or the supposed “drill”.

The increase in military personnel on the streets as well as military equipment on the streets shows that the US government has an ulterior motive for the upcoming large-scale drills.

Regardless of your stance, one must begin to wonder why in the world Walmart needs tanks. (see video below, warning strong language)

Tanks At Walmart In Easton Texas Jade Helm 15

Walmart parking lot in eastland

Posted by Matthew Aldridge on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Also this is not the only location that has now acquired tanks. Other videos posted today May 15th 2015 have also been posted on Facebook showing similar equipment either on the streets or getting ready to be deployed. Below is just one of other videos that are surfacing showing tanks on city streets.

This is something you don't see too often in Union City!Recorded via Periscope!

Posted by Stanley Roberts KRON 4 on Thursday, May 14, 2015