Video Surfaces Of Chicago Cop Shooting Killing A Car Full Of Teenagers

The absolute police state America is in. When will the line be drawn? Video Surfaces Of Chicago Cop Shooting Killing A Car Full Of Teenagers. This video is graphic, and shows yet again that America is under a massive police state.

As stated below there is no reason a COP should just walk up and fire into a car full of unarmed people. No given circumstance has proved that the teenagers where even a threat, nor was their time to decide, there were just gunshots.

Video Surfaces Of Chicago Cop Shooting Killing A Car Full Of Teenagers.

Police dashcam footage shows a Chicago police officer shooting into a car full of six black teenagers more than a dozen times. The incident happened in 2013, but the footage was just released by a retired judge.

In the nearly three-minute dashcam video, viewers see Chicago police officer Marco Proano arrive at the scene, where a vehicle had been stopped by two other officers. Proano is seen approaching the vehicle with his gun pointed sideways.

When the driver of the vehicle puts the car in reverse, and tries to do a three-point turn before crashing into a lamppost, Proano approaches with his gun pointed and opens fire into the car.

Later, the viewer sees all of the teenagers being arrested and handcuffed, with one clearly limping. Three teens were injured in the incident. Two were shot by Proano – one in the shoulder, and another in the hip and the heel.

The incident happened more than 18 months ago on Dec. 22, 2013, but former Cook County Judge Andrew Berman gave the footage, which was under protective order, to the Chicago Reporter, calling it “disturbing on a whole different level.”

You don’t start firing into a car full of unarmed people,” Berman told the Reporter. “You just don’t do that.

Judge Berman had previously heard a criminal case involving one of the teens. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) told the Chicago Reporter that officer Proano was moved off the street and assigned to desk duty, and the matter was referred to state and federal authorities.

Source: Video surfaces of Chicago cop shooting into car full of black teenagers — RT USA