WAKE UP! The National Guard is Training To Round Up Civilians: VIDEO


Jade Helm 15 has rattled many this spring, though it begins on July 15th 2015 it appears as though that date is the actual date of the LIVE drill, because as of now military personnel across the country are training to round up civilians. It began much earlier than expected and only appears as though the National Guard is training now for some sort of civil unrest, and the Special Forces are training to individually round up dissidents across the nation!

The largest concern for most citizens is the worry that when such a drill goes live the order may be given to disarm all citizens resulting in the largest civil war in history? The NRA captured documents from the Justice Department preparing for Gun Grabs.


The exclusive video below put out by Infowars, which shows the National Guard training to fend off rioters or protesters. The only question is why? What such event could cause this unrest? Could it be a national breakdown, economic collapse, or is it all apart of the President declaring Martial Law?



Which in Obamas latest picture tweeted, it appears as though the “dissidents” are right. Obama thinks he is God, little does he know…

The true span of these drills has reached all across the South and is beginning to be seen up North, as massive military columns move through city highways and streets.





…a massive military convoy was spotted on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike heading south of Oklahoma City towards Texas and captured in the several photographs published above and below. We were told that these pictures are only a small fraction of the entire convoy and that the person who took them had ‘never seen anything like it’. They also took two videos during the long passing of this convoy, one 5 minutes long and one 3 minutes long, but the videos ‘oddly disappeared’ from their phone.-MORE

The true nature of Jade Helm as explained above can be easily summed up by the Huston Chronicle:

“The concerns expressed center around misinterpretations,” he said. “Unofficial sources providing inaccurate information on Jade Helm want people to believe that it’s it something other than a training exercise.”

Sheriffs’ deputies said they would make sure local populations are aware of planned exercises, which will involve participants in civilian dress and civilian vehicles, military aircraft, low-altitude airdrops of personnel and weapons with blank rounds, to avert fearful reactions. A 2013 urban warfare exercise terrified South Houston residents as helicopters and camouflaged men with assault rifles took over Carnegie Vanguard School. Locals said they had not been warned of a scheduled drill, so they ran for shelter, assuming the worst.” –MORE

The true nature of Jade Helm has yet to be determined but, many are getting the point as more massive military drills take place, and even larger military movement takes place within our borders.

According to Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show, Jade Helm is growing at a faster rate than cancer.

Jade Helm Is Growing Like a Cancer

In my estimation, these veterans groups better accelerate their protest efforts if they want to have any meaningful impact, because in every part of this country, Jade Helm activities are growing and intensifying at an alarming rate.

In the past 24 hours alone, I have received a total of 54 communications regarding suspicious and increased military activity in every part of this country. Since I began tracking my communications specifically for reports of greatly increased military activity, most likely related to Jade Helm, I have counted a total of 31 states involved in the drill, not the nine states that the government is claiming. Here are four examples, out of the 54 of these communications reporting increased military activity in their area:

Traveling north on I-15. Saw a sided train of tanks, armored personnel vehicles at North Salt Lake on the east side of the freeway with three engines. All were camouflaged light tan.
Keep up the good work.
Hello Dave Hodges,
I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Last week the “military?” surrounded the Water Treatment Facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. Just last year the city built a new holding reservoir. It’s pretty good size and is filled to the brim with water…but I’m 59 years old and don’t remember any time in my growing up years seeing this much “military” shuffling going on in the USA.
Dear Dave,
I’ve been an independent researcher for over 30 years…. I’m now 68 and moved out of Houston, TX…, following a friend’s advice to come to Patagonia, AZ…
Considering Jade Helm, I thought you’d want to know that the rumbling noise I heard early this evening was not 18-wheelers on Rt 82, but several bombers flying overhead from direction of Nogales heading east, maybe to Ft. Huachuca, followed by several military helicopters. I have always been very prescient and have a very bad feeling about what’s being put into position to bring genuine shock and awe to America…
Hello Mr. Hodges,
I don’t normally talk or post about what’s going on. I’m used to military vehicles as I’m prior service (but still “in”, extended another year last July…. with no CoC. Don’t even know what unit I’d fall under). I’ve deployed to Iraq in 2009 doing convoy security, so I’m very very familiar with MRAPs etc.
On my way to work this morning (I live in central Texas, right near fort hood) on 116 heading to gatesville my coworker texted me “dude lots of military vehicles in gatesville”. That was at 9:56, she also called me twice. I just shrugged it off, as gatesville sits right next to North Fort Hood. And west range road leading directly from main cantonment to north fort is closed, so units have to maneuver over civilian roads and back roads. Also units MOB out there.
I got to work at 10:45am, walked in and asked her about the vehicles she saw. She said they were all humvee’s, but blacked out black and grey. That caught my attention, as we normally do not, nor have I ever seen blacked out and or grey humvees before. She said there was a convoy coming into town, and then one right off of 36.
I could go on sir, about some of the sketchiest stuff I have ever experienced after coming home from Iraq. All the way up to the national guard extending me, and then never hearing from them. I honestly do not know, who else to talk too. Everyone thinks I’m nuts. I don’t wanna believe the stuff I’ve seen and know.
If you want to know more, just let me know sir.

His information only confirms Freedom Fighter Reports’ information about the Map that can be seen below. Through careful examination of the News it appears as though the people are showing us the locations of said drill, and it is much larger than anticipated.

The suspected reason, ISIS will infiltrate the south and cause a war with the Nation:

…got a tip from an old friend who works for the DIA that we will be invaded by ISIS, Iran, and their allies. I was looking at the original map for the Jade Helm mission. It looks as to me that the map is on the southern border because that is where we are going to be invaded. It’s not military exercises, it’s an excuse to use that part of the country to fight back. The military and government know that an invasion is near, and they’re just getting ready. Pretty soon you will start to hear talk about Iran taking over Israel, and possible invasions from the southern border. The map and mission is a distraction. The real reason Jade Helm is there is so they can literally, start a civil war with whom ever is going to invade. One things for sure, Texas, Southern California, New Mexico, and Arizona better get ready for a war.

The above information raises one solid question. The entire US is focused on the South, but what about the North? Almost no reports about troop movements from the North. Eyes Open. The below map shows just how bad the Jade Helm Map has gotten and just how far it has spread!

Recently, Freedom Fighter Reports also received another tip from a truck driver who sees it ALL!

“Saw your pod cast on YouTube….on Jade helm 15… It has little to with Russia and everything to do with China..Thus the name JADE HELM 15.. Jade meaning China helm as in he who helms the ship” control” 15 (2015).. Look I drive a semi over the road all 48.. you would be surprised of how much military activity has been going on under everyone’s noises. . we drivers see a lot that you other folks don’t see..For instance fellow drivers have been doing some shady work for the dod and hls ever since 9/11.. one driver just let a few US know he just dropped a load of potatos off to a whole platoon of Chinese at the Texas mexico boarder.. I’ve seen 2,3 and at times 4 mile long military convoys from Maine down to north Carolina all the way west to the Nebraska Wyoming border and at times they’ve been a company by helicopter gun ships flying near low level tree top flying… This is also the start of the red blue green list.. This isn’t no start of a new cold war.. it’s a pys-OP to gather first red list members.. first.. Christians,gun owners constitutionalist. home schoolers, doomsday peepers. etc.. anyone that’s a threat to their nwo ( New world order) then the blue list people will be next.. green list are people that are capable of being more or less brain washed.. Its the beginning of the end.”

The AIIB Infrastructure bank is turning the entire world on America. Parts of Europe, Australia, Iran, Russia, and other developing countries have joined, with 5 more countries signing up as of today 04/12/2015. America is done, and the signs are there. The only remaining part, which can also be seen is how in the world are they going to track their “employees” or people who have given into the New World Order?

Advertisements like such have been slowly brainwashing the entire country for a few years now, as this one is from 2010, more will come. Just as the bible states, no one will be able to buy or sell with out the mark of the beast.