The information that has come from Walmart regarding their plumbing situation has been minimal and what has been released is a bit shocking. Regarding the 2200 employees that where fired across the board. The employees where given manuals and what lay inside raised some serious questions, one being where the employees under some sort of trauma? Did the employees go through some sort of psychological warfare? The manuals stated stay away from coffee, nicotine and other foods and beverages. Such raises large questions that even the mainstream media picked up on it. On the other hand, the question that needs to be asked is what if those manuals weren’t for being fired from Walmart? What if it was for a later date per say after something drastic had occurred, say a Natural Disaster, or a civil war?

Well in light of the people of Walmart receiving such a letter, the few pictures that have been gathered by a an individual who broke into a Walmart show that they are preparing for something far worse than “plumbing issues”.

Walmart The New Disaster Center Urgent Pictures Show Walmart is Preparing For A Disaster


Nothing in sight but bread and water, it seems as though with no tools insight Walmart is preparing for some sort of a disaster. At the closed Walmart locations across the country there have now been sightings of Military Equipment, such as hummvees, tanks, and in one location they have installed blast proof metal doors.

Just what in the world is Walmart up to. The previous pictures have come from here.

Location, location, location. It has been well known through out the intelligence community that Walmart locations are strategic locations for either distribution centers for military equipment, housing dissidents, a staging ground, or for a disaster center.

Previously we have reported that there have been no plumbers spotted and citizen journalists are on the lookout for such activity and such activity is popping up everywhere.

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