What did he Know? ‘He’s got a badge, he’s a FBI agent:’ Rogue FBI Agent Arrested in Grand Rapids Michigan

FBI Agent Hernandez Arrested in Grand Rapids Michigan while being arrested, upset and rambling, said: "Sir, they kill your man for doing the right thing."

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is often shrouded in mystery. Recently in Grand Rapids Michigan an FBI agent who allegedly shot at a Grand Rapids police sergeant, was arrested and his ramblings tell a story. The only question is, what story?

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“I’m so sorry, sir. I am so sorry, sir,” Ruben Hernandez, said over and over, lying face-first on the ground as he was handcuffed. But that’s not all he stated as heard in the video above, the FBI agent then said, “Sir, they kill your man for doing the right thing.”

What exactly did he mean?

Hernandez may have been intoxicated according to the official report and according to his attorney, Larry Willey, says Hernandez, 35, suffered a paranoia attack, possibly fueled by alcohol, early Dec. 6 inside Planet Fitness, 3681 28th St. SE.

Grand Rapids police said he showed a handgun, then took three shots at Sgt. Neil Gomez, who responded to a report of a man brandishing a firearm.

For Hernandez, this occurrence is a rarity, given the response by his family and friends, who were stunned at the allegations.

Hernandez was in Grand Rapids on an investigation and expected to fly out the next day. He is an eight-year FBI special agent. Now he is facing charges of assault with intent to commit great bodily harm, a 10-year felony, and assault with a dangerous weapon, a four-year felony.

During the scuffle, while Hernandez was being detained he said, “Sir, they kill your man for doing the right thing.” Several questions arise, such as what was the FBI agent paranoid about? And what exactly did he mean by ‘they kill your man for doing the right thing?’

What say you reader?